Canada Tourist Visa For Indians

Confused on how to apply for Canada Tourist visa for Indian passport holders? 

Applying visa is always a hassle for Indian passport holders. Long wait, loads of document, booking everything in advance to name a few. We recently applied for Canada Tourist visa for my parents for 4 months and received a multiple entry 6-year visa for Canada. ( Note: The years depends on the passport expiry date as well.)

If you don’t like visa hassles, get your eTourist visa online for Canada in few steps if you are an Indian passport holder with iVisa

– How To Apply for Canada Tourist Visa –

There are two ways to apply — Online and Offline.

  1. All the steps are mentioned on The Canada VFS Official Site.
  2. Supporting Documents: You need to download the forms or fill the form online from CIC – Application Forms.
  3. Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is not needed for Indian passport holders.
  4. You also need to provide a completed and signed waiver form and VFS Consent Form
  5. There are two types of visa that you can opt to apply: a single-entry visa and a multiple-entry visa.
    • A multiple-entry visa  is valid for up to 10 years, or one month before your passport expires, whichever comes first.
    • A single-entry visa allows you to come to Canada only once.


You can fill in the application form online. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader to sign the form electronically. If not then you can download it from here.

You need to validate at the top of the form, which will generate a barcode at the end of the page. Once it is validated, take print outs of all relevant forms.


You need to take a print out of all the forms and fill it offline and sign wherever needed. Read the below for detailed instruction guide.

Instruction Guide [IMM 5256]

– Documents for Canada Tourist Visa –

Documents are really important while submitting your application. Do check the CHECKLIST and ensure all your documents are in order. A cover letter summarizing your purpose of stay, duration of stay, where are you planning to stay, how can you manage your expenses, invitation letter if any, travel history in case you have visited any other countries in the past and above all mention clearly if you want to apply for single entry visa or a multiple entry visa.

In the cover letter also list out all the documents that you will submit with the cover letter.

  • Invitation Letter / Itinerary Details
  • 6 months Bank Statement
  • Pay slips if you are employed.
  • Asset Detail is needed if you are applying for more than 3 months. — ( Property details, Fixed Deposit if any )
Make sure you have enough funds to sustain and also clearly mention that you will be returning back on so and so dates.

In addition to the supporting documents, you also need to complete and sign documents.

– Bookings –

We urge you not to book your flight tickets unless you have your passport with visa stamped.

Hotels can be booked via if you are going for a shorter duration and can be canceled later if there is any change or delay in receiving the passport. Make sure you book hotels which have a full refund policy. Once you get the visa approved you can book your stay at a place of your choice.

We did not book any hotels as my sister stays in Canada and we provided her rental agreement as part of the document submission.

– Applying For The Visa –

There are nine visa centers in India. You can submit your documents at the VFS center. The process is pretty easy. If you are applying for the entire family, one person can go and submit the documents. You can also submit for your parents or any relatives. To submit for someone else, you just have to fill one additional form – Use of a Representative

You also have the option to courier your documents or go via travel agents in case you don’t have VFS center in your city.

  • Payment Method – Cash or Online ( PS : We opted to pay in Cash )
  • Check all the details – HERE


– Processing Time –

From July 1st, 2016, the processing time for Canada Visitor Visa is 33 working days.

(PS :  We received our visa in 20 working days.)


– Total Cost –

Visa Fee : 4950 INR

Service Charge – 726 INR

Courier Fee – 351 INR

SMS Service Charge – 49 INR

GC Fee Collection & Remittance Charge – 104 INR

( Note : The fee and details are true as of July 2016 )

– Important Links –

Canada Tourist Visa For Indians


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