Dublin In Photos

Dublin has a charm which can’t be described in words.

Wonderful architectural buildings, cobbled lanes full of pubs, streets full of amazing street art, friendly people and not to forget the famous Irish weather.

When we were invited by London City Airport to take part in its #NoFilter project with other bloggers, we grabbed this opportunity to showcase our best photographs which define Dublin’s true essence.

After two popular projects #NoFilter Madrid and #NoFilter Switzerland, the third in the series is #NoFilter Dublin. This project aims to showcase cities minus the additional filters to provide an honest glimpse of the city without any manipulations or editing of images.The campaign will be judged by Monica, editor of the awesome travel blog The Travel Hack.

I had always wanted to visit Ireland, so when British Airways sponsored for flights to London. We took this opportunity to book a quick flight from London to the capital of Ireland – DUBLIN. Dublin is just an hour flight from London and can easily be reached via train or cruise from the UK. We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb apartment in Dublin for 5 days and took day trips from Dublin to Cork, Cliffs of Moher, Galway and the stunning wild Atlantic coast of Northern Ireland.

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Dublin is not just a beautiful and a charming city full of life, music, dance and fascinating stories but also a perfect base to explore the entire Ireland.

It was really difficult to just pull five photos from thousands of pics we have taken so I have pulled in best 5 photos that showcase the city’s pride, charm and charisma…#NoFilter

1. Dublin Castle 

To start with iconic Dublin castle built on a medieval plan of two courtyards is not just beautiful but every walls and facade speaks volumes of Irish history. The castle is accessible and open to tourists.

Apart from the castle, there are fine buildings all around the town which showcases the city’s love for art and architecture. 


Took this pic making use of the lights, so that there is a striking contrast to the blue sky in the background and castle walls

2.Irish Dance 

Aww…I think I loved the Celtic night that we attended on our last day in Dublin. Traditional Irish dance and sumptuous food. There was nothing better to end for last night at Dublin. It was a mix of both modern as well as traditional dance accompanied by Irish music. The grace and style of the dancer will leave you spellbound and the “bang” of a hard shoe and the claps in a synch will leave you awestruck. A night to remember and the mind-blowing performance is not to be miss at any cost for sure, will soon a post a video on that.


Traditional Irish Dance


3. Music on the Streets 

There is no dull day. Irish people do not look for an occasion for celebrations, every other day is full of celebration on the streets of Dublin. Band playing live music and performance is common in every street of Dublin and the city just comes to life after the sunsets. You can see faces glowing in happiness, sparkling smile, foot tapping music flowing from every corner. There is something in the air of Dublin, which will make you fall in love. 

Band Performing near Temple-bar. This pic was taken by my Canon 600 D with ISO 3200 F/3.5 #NoFilter

4. Random Walks 

The best way to explore Dublin is walking through the cobbled street full of art and dimly lit pubs playing music. Stroll around the peaceful trinity College or busy streets of Grafton street and explore the hidden gems and marvel the beautiful city that underwent a horrific past.

We walked past the General Post Office, Henry Street,  the Italian Quarter, the River Liffey, Temple Bar, City Hall and Dublin Castle in just an hours time. 🙂 


A walk to remember – This pic was taken while strolling around our quaint neighborhood just before sunset. #Iphone5

5. One Pint of Awesomeness

We cannot take Guinness out of Dublin and Dublin out of Guinness, located in the heart of the St James’s Gate Brewery  since 1759 is a place you cannot miss if you are visiting Dublin. The self-guided tour explains the making of the world famous dark beer from the scratch as well as the history.The highlight is the Gravity Bar where you receive a complimentary pint of Guinness and a perfect place to soak in the breathtaking 360-degree views across Dublin City. The picture says it all!!!


The picture is taken from the Gravity Bar on a dull day … but can’t complain when you have this awesomeness in your hand 😉 #Iphone5 #NoFilter

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And it’s our perception that matters. The photos need not be filtered to make a place looks stunning and unreal when the city itself is drop dead gorgeous.

Here are few tips on how you can take some awesome photos which do not need to be edited or customization adding jazzy filters.

#Play with Lights: Lights do play a very important role while taking pics. Prefer taking pics keeping the sun in the back rather than shooting facing the sun. Appropriate light can result in a brighter picture and striking contrast.

#Play with Angle: Take shots from up, down, right, left at whatever direction possible and see how the same subject looks at a different angle. You will be surprised to see the variations in pictures.

#Composition: Especially the “Rule of thirds” sometimes the most interesting photos are when you focus on the off-center objects.

#Golden Hours: Just before sunrise and sunset are one of the best time to take pics as the gorgeous filters are automatically set by mother nature.You can see the fourth pic as an example, now who wants to do editing when the pic turns to be picture perfect.

#Focus on Subject: Like my last pic at the Guinness put the subject right in the middle of your frame if that is what you want to highlight in the pic, just tab on the subject and the focus is set accordingly.

#Pictures in HDR: It Stands for High Dynamic Range, it takes three pictures at the same time at different exposures (underexposed, overexposed, and in the middle) and then merges them together, perfect for taking pictures with lots of light and lots of shadows. Turn on HDR mode on your phone and the camera app will take two pictures, one standard, one in HDR. I mostly take pictures of landscapes and buildings in HDR Mode and I love them. 😀

#Click, Click & Click – Nothing is right and nothing is wrong in photography. Keep snapping pictures unless until you are satisfied with the result. It is the best to keep experimenting, who knows just any random pic of yours can be a piece of art 😉

 Happy Snapping & Travelling!!!

Do share in the below comment box if you like edited pics or prefer pics with #NoFilter.


Note: This post is written in collaboration with London City Airport for #NoFilter Dublin project. 


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    Lovely pictures and useful tips.

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    The pictures bring alive the beauty of Dublin. I especially loved the way you have captured the castle. It looks so ethereal with the blue backdrop and the shimmering light.

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    I am headed to Ireland in few weeks. This post is right in time. I would love to experience the Dublin street life and the famous Irish Pubs. Although I take decent pictures I’ll keep in mind your tips 🙂

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