Building Long Term Trust

In life, we meet many people, some stay for a while, some for months and some for forever. So, when I recently came across a video from Exide Life Insurance, it made me realize that there are people in our lives who have been there for a long time and through the years we have learned to trust them.

There are many such people in my life. But there is one person who I want to tell you about — our housekeeping staff who has been with us for years now. I was too small to even remember when he started working at our place. Initially, he joined my father’s office and later he was part of our housekeeping staff. He is one multitalented guy – cook, driver, gardener, babysitter, caretaker- he has played all the roles to perfection.

Today, as we have all moved out for work, he is still back home with my parent taking care of all the household chores. We trust him completely and through the years, we have built on this relationship and he has always repaid out trust tenfold.

He has been with our family for more than 20 years now and has always been there with us through the thick and thin. Imagining a single day without his help seems impossible. From getting vegetables from the market to arranging our super messy wardrobes. From running errands to delivering food to my father at his office.

When our maid goes on a holiday, he effortlessly steps into her shoes – From ironing clothes to cleaning & dusting. He has done it all and we know if he is there, we have nothing to worry about.

When we used to go on vacation he would take care of our house and garden. He never said NO ever for anything that was asked. And whatever he does, for our family, we know he has our best interests at heart.


Do you have someone in your life, who has been with you forever?

Tell us in the comments below how you began to trust them

Lamba saath, bharose ki baat #DhoniKaSaath


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This post is written in collaboration with Exide Life Insurance.

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