Goal 2020 – Consistency, Learning, and Focus

Goal 2020 Consistency Learn and Focus

Sharing our goals and some reminders for this year. I know we are a bit late but it’s better late than never. 

Don’t take everything so seriously. Just go with the flow

Be kind and be humble.

Don’t jump into rat race, carve your own niche.

Health and happiness is utmost important. Rest everything can follow.

Read and write more.

Take tons of pictures, be creative and learn new editing techniques.

Blog regularly and plan the content well in advance.

Enjoy the process more than the result.

Learn a new language.

Walk, Exercise, Dance regularly. Stay active.

Take out time for pampering sessions. Morning and night skincare routine should be part of your daily activities.  SELF LOVE is everything.

Set reminders and drink more than 2 liters of water everyday. 

Eat home-cooked meals. Bake & cook more. 

Create a vision board and stay motivated. Work and give your 100% towards achieving your dreams.

Plan vacation with your parents and spend more time with them if possible.

Take out time from your schedule for your hobbies.

Shop less and repeat outfits more.

Recycle, Reduce and Reuse

Wishing you all a very happy women’s day.


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