Win Free Tickets to Paris for Two

Bonjour guys !!!

Mere mention of Paris aka The City of Love conjures up images of the tall Eiffel Tower dazzling in the night lights. The city oozes romance from every pore, flower laden streets lined up with designer boutiques, where every other person walking on the street seems to have popped out of a ramp walk with an impeccable style and fashion sense.

If you too are dreaming of getting awed by the marvelous architecture of Paris, topping it up with some fun at Disneyland, devouring on the yummiest macaroons, exploring the hidden alleys with a bike or planning to shop till you drop, then stop dreaming and participate in our giveaway, you never know if your stars are aligned then you can walk away with winning a trip for two to PARIS.



Win Free Tickets to Paris for Two

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What does the Grand Prize Winner wins ?

Round trip airfare
Airport shuttle
5 nights at the Fat Tire Flat
A customized itinerary of Fat Tire Tours
A tour of Paris aboard an old fashioned 2CV
A gourmet picnic

What do the Weekly giveaway winners win ?

AUGUST 19TH PRIZE: Yoga Bikram + Versailles Bike Tour for two ( Winners already Announced )

 AUGUST 26TH : 12 assorted California wines + ‘Paris Cocktails’ book.

 SEPTEMBER 2ND : Disneyland tickets + Paris Day Segway Tour.

 SEPTEMBER 9TH : Fixed-Gear Bike.

 SEPTEMBER 16TH : Fat Tire Paris t-shirt & hat + Skip the Line Eiffel Tower Ticket for two & Champagne River Cruise.

 SEPTEMBER 23RD :  May Designs Book and cards + Fat Tire Paris t-shirt & hat.

 SEPTEMBER 27TH :  Slumlove Sweater + Night Bike Tour

 SEPTEMBER 30TH : 2 CV Tour + Versailles Bike Tour for two.

You can check weekly winners   HERE

How To Participate ?

Just fill in the details below and keep your fingers crossed. 😀

Fat Tire Paris – Free Trip to Paris Giveaway

Contest Ends on : September 30th, 2015



Here’s another surprise for all our lovely readers, we are excited to team up with the good folks of Fat Tire Paris  who are offering two spots on their Paris Day Bike Tour  to one of our readers. One of the best way to explore and experience the city.

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If you guys have any plans to visit Paris this year or next year, then just follow a few steps to win this tour.

How To Enter the Giveaway?

Step 1 : Subscribe to our monthly newsletter:

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You can also participate on Instagram or Facebook by just tagging the person who would be joining you on your trip to #Paris with hashtag #FatTireParisGiveaway

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Step 3 : Comment Below:

 Share with us in the below comment box who would be joining you on your trip to #Paris.

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Winner Announcement : September 7th .

Thank you so much for your overwhelming response, but unfortunately, we had to choose just one

And the Winner of the Paris Day Bike Tour is  Zainab Attari 



Bonne chance !!!


This post was made possible by Fat Tire Paris.


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  1. I would love to win and be in the most romantic city on earth with my darling husband. Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. #FatTireParisGiveaway
    Specky, my wife will be there with me /
    If I get this free #Paris spree /
    And I know I’ll love every moment of it /
    As a wholesome trip and not a random bit! /

    Arvind Passey /

  3. #FatTireParisGiveaway /

    I’ll go with Specky, my wife, and I know we’ll have fun /
    When we go around #Paris as a couple and as one! /

    Arvind Passey / /

  4. I am sure Paris is missing me , I have not met her in a decade now, high time i meet my beautiful friend once again….

  5. Paris is a dream destination! What better than winning something like this and landing there 🙂

  6. I’d love to visit Paris with my best friend, who also happens to share the same name as mine. I started training under him from the past two months and he has been phenomenal to say the least. I feel like we both enjoy talking a lot and this trip can be our chance to spend some time together, touring the place, and having fun. Also, the romantic background of Paris will add four feathers to our bromance.

  7. I would love to win a trip a paris or even any gift mentioned above.
    If I win trip to Paris ,my Brother would join me.

    1. I would take my husband with me as its the most romantic city in the whole wide world and would love to share the experience with him. As there is a famous saying “Paris is always a good idea”, therefore would love to share the moments with my companion and soulmate: my husband!

      1. Hey guys,

        The contest is over and winner has also been declared long back.

  8. with My bestfriend!

  9. Paris is my dream destination. The enchanting lights, a city full of love. I wish I could win it!

  10. Cool contest!
    Missed out some sights in Paris last time. This should make up for that. 🙂

  11. I really wish i can visit Paris!
    City of Love 🙂

  12. Wow swati!!!! Awesome giveaway 😀 Trip to Paris – My mom would be thrilled to visit with me if i win. Fingers crossed! 😀

  13. I would love to take my boyfriend with me! I am an avid traveler, and he has never really left North America! Would be awesome to take him to Europe! 🙂

  14. I would love to visit Paris with my boyfriend, and if we win this, it will be the first international trip for both of us. If the city of romance actually lives up to the hype, who knows we may even end up getting married there! 😉

  15. My passport is not inked with country names. It’s emptiness kills me. I want to fill it with a lot of beautiful country stamps once I fill my pockets earning enough money but that seems to be a long short and who has that much time, right? Winning this would finally make me see another place outside India and I can finally get rid of my wanderlust! I need this trip so bad I cannot comprehend it in words. I want to feel l’amour in Paris through their art and culture and I have to flaunt my French too 😛 This is surely the best place to have a first international trip and I desperately hope to win! 😀

  16. Awesome contest! I guess it’s time to finally face my phobia with bike 😀

  17. Carmela E. Del Espiritu Santo

    #Paris has always been our dream destination! Benjz Gerard M. Sevilla and I have been planning to go here for years already! Please make us win this one! 🙂 We’ve been so busy with career life lately and getting this out of the country trip will definitely be a breathtaking and memorable experience for us! #FatTireParisGiveaway

  18. I would love to go with my spouse!

  19. Paris is by far my favorite city in the world!

  20. Oh la la! A trip to Paris would be amaaaazing! I’d love to see the City of Love. Xx

  21. I wish to win this free trip to Paris. It just amazing to be able to go to the City of Love with my love <3!!
    Well I have a little knowledge of french language and thats a good chance to enhance my french language.

  22. I would love to be in Paris with my lovely Daughter….

  23. I would love to visit Paris with my lovely husband and spend an amazing time there! Explore Paris culture, food and walk the city!

  24. My state of mind can be best described as “FernWeh” right now. I coudnt take a trip last one year due to some personal reasons. And for a traveller to not be able to travel is like not being able to fly. Winning this would be able able to break the jinx and get my passport stamped again. They say the best stories are written between the pages of a passport. Let me rewrite my story !! It will be like giving me wings again to fly !!

  25. My state of mind right now can be best described as “FernWeh”. I was not able to travel for a year due to some personal reasons. And for a traveler to not be able to travel is like not being able to fly. They say the best stories are written in between the pages of a passport. Winning this would break the jinx and let me rewrite my story !! By getting my passport stamped , I will get back my wings to fly.!!

  26. I guess I m late…:-(
    BTW Hws u?

    1. Hey am doing fine and good to see you back here.

      I think its been more than a year 🙂 🙂

  27. #FatTireParisGiveaway what a great competition! LOVE PARIS!!!

  28. I Would love to see other parts of the world it would be my first time out the USA I know it would be nice

  29. We are the gypsycouple and I wouldn’t want to share this special moment with anyone other than my better half, my partner in crime and the love of my life which luckily for me happens to be the same person 🙂

  30. Maria Jhiosa Vergara

    Paris goals! Trip to Paris is a Dream!!!!!!!!

  31. I would bring my husband. While my dream as an artist and art educator is to see the Louvre and d’Orsay, he wants to bike Tour de France routes! This has been my dream as long as I can remember.

  32. With my husband- who, while I want to visit the museums (Louvre, D’Orsay) is an avid biker who seeks only to ride- even on le Tour routes! Vive le France.

  33. I would go to Paris with my sister, with whom I share the passion of discovering new places and experiencing beautiful cultures!

  34. It would be amazing to be able to go to Paris, I wish I can win this trip ..This would make me so happy!!

  35. I would go to Paris with my friend aditya, because I have this amazing love for Paris, and wouldn’t miss a chance to explore the beautiful city

  36. Rikesh Rajendraprasad Raikar

    i would go to Paris with my Darling wife, why? because i want to fall in love allover again with her in the city of love …PARIS.

  37. I would love to take my mom. Its a romantic place but still I would love to take her with me to #Paris.

  38. I wanna go to pairs with my lovely husband to celebrate in the city of LOVE.. <3… Thanks for the opportunity

  39. #FatTireParisGiveaway
    I and my husband would love to love in the most romantic place this world has 🙂

    1. Hi Kratika,

      The winners have already been declared 🙂

  40. Aishwarya Pratima Mishra

    #Paris with hashtag #FatTireParisGiveaway I wanna go with my sister..I followed you on Instagram as well as liked on Facebook,I really want to win the trip…

  41. Paris would be dream destination

  42. It’s .y dream to visit Paris so that’s why I want to go paris

  43. Woah!! This is the most interesting thing that someone offering an international trip.. I’m so bored of roaming in my city ..bored of exams and college stuffs. .I wanna make this vacation memorable .but this seems totally depending on one’s luck … I can’t wait until I earn to get my own tickets .. The way’s pretty far ..I wish dream of this girl comes true with this amazing giveaway … I wait with crossed fingers ❤

  44. I would love to win this trip to #Paris with my sister who is moving away to Australia. This would be the best gift to her.

    1. Hi Vidisha,

      Many thanks for stopping by. The contest is over and winner has been declared too

  45. My most amazing husband and I would really love this trip a break away from life is what you need.

  46. Willing to overcome the beautiful places of paris…..the dream is longlasting……

  47. I want to win a Disneyland trip because I never go anywhere even in my state also and I really want this Disneyland tickets and I just want to travel Disneyland so,please give me the tickets

  48. I want to win a Disneyland trip because I never go anywhere even in my state also and I really want this Disneyland tickets and I just want to travel Disneyland so,please give me the tickets of

  49. I love to go Paris because I listen that Paris is such a beautiful place and now I want to see Paris and Disneyland which is my most favourite place and I really really want to go Disneyland

  50. Would love to experience a new country on the bike with flat tire ! New experiences touch the soul ….

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