America’s Family Friendly Airports

Flying to new places is exciting, but one thing that travelers tend to dread the most are airports. An airport is a place for long layovers and delays, and the people that find this the most stressful and the most difficult to manage are usually parents. Family Vacation Critic explains that, “it’s no secret that airports are stressful, so some have stepped up to make traveling easier on families.”

Airport operators are always coming up with new strategies to minimize travel anxiety. Last year, Helsinki Airport opened up their yoga room Kainuu which offers Pilates classes and yoga mats for passengers that simply want to stretch aching muscles and joints. Other airports such as London Heathrow have gone a different route and expanded parking options and have even partnered with nearby hotels, according to Parking4Less, in hopes of eliminating transportation troubles to and from the airport.

America Family flying airports

But the issue here is that a lot of these strategies are focused on the stress of the adult traveler. The layout and the lack of amenities in an airport can also negatively impact children, so it’s really important that people design their airports in a way that the entire family can enjoy the experience. So if you’re thinking about bringing the little ones on your next trip, here are a couple airports that are deemed to be the best family friendly airports in America.

Boston Logan International (BOS)

Families would consider themselves lucky if an airport had one play area for their kids, let alone two. BOS conveniently has two play areas, one near Gate 18 in Terminal A and the other in Terminal C. Playtime designed Kidport in Terminal A as an indoor playground with a replica of the air traffic control tower Kidport in Terminal C, courtesy of the Children’s Museum of Boston, has interactive educational exhibits such as the baggage claim slide, an airplane structure for climbing, and a window display. There’s also a separate play areas for toddlers and infants, with plenty of seats for parents. For parents with babies, rocking chairs are placed throughout the airport for their comfort.

America Family flying airports

Find Nemo in this 3,000-gallon aquarium at Orlando International Airport.

Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Disney World is not the only the only attraction in Orlando because Orlando International Airport seems to be an amusement park of its own. Level 3 of the Main Terminal has a 3,000 gallon aquarium that’s home to 100 creatures. This is almost like a snippet of what you’d see in Seaworld. On Level 3 in Terminals B and G, travelers can visit the Kennedy Space Center stores so that they can see compare themselves to a life-size version of an astronaut, and even touch part of an asteroid that came from Mars. Although the place where kids might have the most fun is in the King of Kong Arcade in the Main Terminal.

For a more comprehensive list of kid friendly airports, the online publication of Parents magazine reviews airports in the United States as well as ones overseas.

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