10 Best Instagram Story Hacks & Tips

Looking for 10 Best Instagram Story Hacks & Tips? We’ve got you covered in this post.

If you have been following us on Instagram for a while now, you might know that we love posting stories. We do put extra effort into presentations and layouts too. During this lockdown, we have been attending quite a number of workshops and have been learning from everywhere possible — workshops, webinars,  Youtube, blogs, etc. We are also part of the #BornOnInstagram program conducted by the Instagram India Team which has been really helpful to be back on the track, change a few things, and adopt few new strategies. 

  1. Upload different stories at different times and limit the number of stories. Limit it to 3-7 stories at max. If you end up posting more stories, chances are high that most of your followers will skip your stories and exit. 
  2.  Make use of features like — Polls, Questions, filters, quizzes, and challenges.10 Best Instagram Story Hacks & Tips
  3. Interact with your audience and try to give some valuable information to your audience. Share with them BTS, editing tutorials, photography, and editing process. 
  4. Cover topics that your followers are interested in and moreover make sure your personality shines through so that people can connect with you. Reply to their DMs. Try to make it a two-way communication rather than just one-way communication. 
  5. Put an extra effort while posting stories using filters, stickers, and layouts using other amazing APPS ( Check out the entire list of some amazing APPS here ). If you are looking for some Instagram Story inspiration, do check our videos on Instagram’s REELS as well.
  6. Always write down what you are talking about. ( Audio is muted by default).
  7. Keep experimenting with different templates then sticking to one style of post. Play around with different fonts. Do check our Youtube Video where we have shared some of our Instagram story Hacks & Tips. 
  8. Try to keep the videos short and preferably make it to the point rather than long videos.
  9. Equally important is to keep an eye on the analytics and plan your content accordingly.
  10. Finally, always use hashtags, stickers and location on stories so that it’s a part of the community pool stories. It also helps to reach a wider audience ( you can hide the hashtags by making them extremely small).Instastory story hacks Do check out our Youtube video –


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