20 Tips to Save and Earn money To Travel More

Money is a big factor when it comes to traveling and travel is not an inexpensive passion to pursue. However, if you are passionate enough you can always find ways around it. Here are 20 tips to save and earn money to travel more.

20 Tips to Save and Earn money To Travel More

  1. Create a dedicated travel account just for your travel expenses. Push money into that account every month.
  2. If you have credit cards, use it to buy grocery or online purchases from which you can earn air miles. Use those air miles to book flights & hotels.
  3. Use public transportation or carpooling services to travel to your workplace.
  4. Get rid of unwanted stuff. Sell it off on sites like Olx or Quikr. There are other websites as well.
  5. Sell your old clothes on apps like Spoyl. 
  6. If you’re a shopaholic like me then do shop during Sale time. 😉
  7. Share your Airbnb link with your friends and family. Use our Airbnb link to get discount of INR 3,070 and share your with others to give them a discount and get some discount too.
  8. Cook at home and save money rather than eating outside.
  9. Track all your expenses daily. Do a proper analysis of all your spending and unnecessary expenditures.
  10. Start traveling to countries which are affordable yet stunning like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Sri Lanka, Bhutan to name a few.
  11. Always work towards having multiple sources of income. Never get satisfied with just one. 😉
  12. Take up freelancing work and online jobs to earn money. You can find tons of jobs on freelancing websites like Upwork or Fiver.
  13. Sell arts & crafts on Etsy or start an online store.
  14. Be a CONTENT CREATOR, Youtuber or Influencer. You can earn money from creating and posting content on Youtube & Instagram.
  15. Sell photographs on websites like Shutter stock. 
  16. Travel Smarter by planning things well in advance and taking advantage of deals and offers.
  17. Travel during shoulder season or off-season to expensive destinations so that you get good deals on flights and hotels.
  18. Try your luck participating in various travel contests organized by tourism boards, travel companies or airlines. Keep an eye on their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages.
  19. Stay at an Airbnb or an apartment if you are traveling in a group or hostels if you are on a budget.
  20. Do read our blog post on How to find Cheap Hotels & Flights 🙂

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