It was a gloomy day in London, dark clouds were announcing the impending rain and we were on our way to the hotel which was at a walkable distance from the Baker Street station on the Jubilee line.

Afternoon Tea at The Landmark London


Set in a clock tower building with a magnificent Victorian setting with a hint of classic grandeur. The hotel has been bestowed with Award of excellence 2010 by UK Tea Guild in recognition of achieving the highest standard in the service of afternoon tea, so when we were invited to The Landmark London for an afternoon tea, we were thrilled to experience our first ever quintessential afternoon tea session at London.

Delightful venue, tea that stands out, requisite finger sandwiches, miniature cakes and pastries, scones to sigh for — it was an absolute delight to experience the bespoke British Afternoon tea.

As we entered, on the left side there was a reception desk and in front was a staircase which leads to a little oasis in the gloomy dreariest London.

The winter garden setting was stunning. Potted palm trees and eight storeys high ceiling glass-topped atrium and beautiful settings that transport you to an oasis of luxury.

The Landmark London afternoon tea review

We were greeted by the manager who escorted us to the table. As we sat in the opulent setting I was in awe of the grandeur and in love with the beautiful three-tiered cake stand and with the clink of silverware around.



One of the staff handed us the menu while I choose  Chocolate Afternoon Tea, Sam opted for Traditional afternoon tea. The staff were impeccably well mannered and even helped us to choose the best one from the menu.


The menu had a selection of dozens of types of teas from all over the world to taste. Sam was quick enough to order and I was pretty confused on what to choose.

Afternoon Tea at The Landmark London

The Tea had its own tantalizing aroma and the best part was that your teacup never ran empty. The tea was accompanied with a marvelous selection of delectable sandwiches, organic egg mayonnaise, and mustard cress, smoked salmon, classic cucumber but our favorite was the corn-fed chicken with tarragon créme fraîche which was so delectable, that we could not resist ourselves to order one more …. wait .. okay two more each ;).

Best Afternoon Tea at London Sandwitches

Next, we were served freshly baked delicious scones with Cornish clotted cream, accompanied with homemade strawberry preserve and hazelnut chocolate spread.

The scones get replenished as much as you want so don’t shy away asking for more. 🙂

The scones were soft and just melted in our mouth. We gulped it as quickly as possible.

Best Afternoon Tea at London Scones

And last but not the least the tempting joyful mini delights which were tantalizing with decorative, intense flavored tastings to delight the eyes made their way to our table. The more enticing it looked, the more delightful it tasted.

Best Afternoon Tea at London Pastries

The pink and green macaroon topped with basil was an interesting combination, delectable peanut tart with caramel had a crispy texture with a hint of salt but the best was Chocolate crème Brulee infused with chili that was wonderfully done and tasted like heaven.

Make sure you have enough room to sample this miniature joys when you visit for an afternoon tea.

Best Afternoon Tea at London

Afternoon Tea at The Landmark London


Traditional Delights
Coco mango: coconut macaroon with mango bavarois
Lime cheesecake with vodka cranberry truffle
Flourless pistachio sponge, fig jam, and pistachio mascarpone
Classic fruitcake with rum and Caraibe chocolate glaze



Chocolate Delights
Chocolate and passion cream “financier”
Caraibe chocolate and peanut tart and salted caramel
Chocolate ganache and milk chocolate Chantilly
and coconut nougatine
Chocolate crème Brulee infused with chili

We would not realize that we ended spending our entire afternoon savouring the mouthwatering desserts and sampling the best tea from all over the world.


The Landmark London is one of the finest luxury hotels in London and has won several awards for afternoon tea, so next time when you are planning to visit London or in search of the best afternoon tea, we would highly recommend experiencing afternoon tea at The Landmark London and indulge in the luscious affair.

Go forth and guzzle!

Info :

Traditional Afternoon Tea is £40 per person
Chocolate Afternoon Tea is £42 per person
Champagne Afternoon Tea is £45 per person
 222 Marylebone Road, NW1 6JQ



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We were invited by the The Landmark London to experience the Winter garden Afternoon tea and all views (good and bad) are entirely our own. 

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  1. This sounds like a heavenly afternoon to me. I would die to get invited, so jealous!

    1. Yup it was fab …. perfect place to escape london’s windy weather 😉

  2. Wow!! great review and certainly worth a try if I ever visit London! 🙂

    1. you can’t skip afternoon tea session whilst visiting London… That’s a must 🙂

  3. Delightful post,London where tradition and elegance go hand in hand.Every picture reflects the British life style..Good day and blessings .

    1. Thank you so much … London has its own charm peppered with so much of sophistication 🙂

      1. Yes indeed,l know London well.You are welcome.When l used to live in Vienna l used to visit my friends in London .Have a wonderful weekend

  4. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Love the winter garden at the Landmark though I’ve only been for dinner not tea. The chocolate tea sounds fabulous and I would love the creme brulee as I really enjoy the choc and chilli combination!

    1. It was our first afternoon tea session experience and we enjoyed a lot 🙂 … choc and chilli was a deadly combination….. you will love it for sure <3 <3

  5. I love a good afternoon tea! I have always wanted to go to the one at Landmark but always end up going to other ones, next time I will try because judging by your post is a must! 🙂

    1. Glad you liked our review …afternoon tea at landmark hotel is worth a try … do share your experience too 🙂 🙂

  6. That sounds nice and fancy! 🙂 Very english (

  7. Oh So British! Can’t go to England and not have Tea and that too all fancy like this. The service looks immaculate and the ambiance is really extraordinary. The mini bites that accompany Tea time are my favorites with scones and sandwiches being the highlight always.

  8. I love a good afternoon tea, and have been to a few good places in London. I’ve yet to try this hotel however, so maybe one day soon! I like the photos of the cakes and the scones, it’s so hard not to eat everything!

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