Driving in Jordan – Helpful Tips and Things to Know

The best way to explore the beautiful country of Jordan is by renting a car and driving around. One of the many reasons you should rent a car in Jordan is for the stunning landscape that the country has to offer. Second, you don’t have to depend on public transportation which is quite limited in the country and connects just the cities. Third, petrol is not super expensive, hence renting a car ticks all the right boxes. 

Driving in Jordan - Helpful Tips and Things to Know

Driving in Jordan – Helpful Tips and Things to Know

✍️ No hassles whatsoever, you just need a passport and license. Indian license works, you don’t need an International Driving License if your Indian license is in English. Your license should have been valid for at least one year.

✍️ Highways are great and well-marked. But countryside roads are not that great.

✍️ The countryside or city roads are a bit narrow. City Traffic is crazy especially in Amman, you will see lots of cars parked on the road.

✍️ Driving is on the right just like any other European country. So if you have never driven in RHT then it might take you 10 – 15 mins to get adjusted to RHT. Just remember, traffic from the right gets priority in case you are on a non-priority road.  Overtaking is from the left and you can change lanes if the divider line is dotted. If the divider line is solid then you are not supposed to cross over to the other lane. It is better to rent an automatic car if you are not used to RHT. 

✍️ Petrol prices are not super cheap but not at all expensive. Jordan is a small country so you will not end up paying a lot for petrol.

✍️ If you don’t have GPS in your car, then download offline maps from Google which works fine or you can use map.me App.

✍️ Avoid driving at night at any cost. There are potholes, speed bumps plus we have hardly seen street lights in the countryside.

✍️ Be careful and vigilant while driving. Sheep, cats, dogs or camels might just jump in front of your car so drive slow and be focused. 

✍️ Be careful of potholes & Speed Bumps which are way too many. Some of the speed bumps are also not marked properly. 

✍️ Police checks are common and the police officers are super friendly. You don’t have to panic, it is quite common in Jordan because of the neighbouring countries. Make sure you have the license and passport ready in case they ask for it. Nobody asked for it from us except in one place. 

✍️ You will come across people changing lanes without any indicators. Don’t panic, just keep a safe distance from the cars ahead and you should be fine. People also might overtake from the right, just keep a safe distance. 

✍️ Petrol Pumps accept only cash so make sure you have enough money on you. Also, there is a limited number of ATMs, so keep some cash on you.  

✍️ Always take pictures of the car in front of the agent and discuss the damages beforehand so that there is no confusion later.

✍️ The highways are generally empty and if you stick to the speed limit then it is quite an easy drive. 

✍️ Last but not the least, don’t forget the insurance. 😎 It is advisable to opt for full insurance when renting a car as it gives you peace of mind while driving. Also if you have basic insurance then you will need to get a police report in case of damages or accidents to claim the insurance.

Tips for driving in Jordan

Things to know before driving in Jordan

Helpful Tips and Things to Know in Jordan

Roads in Jordan
Look at the amazing road


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