GoQii Fitness Band Review

As you all know I have a full-time job in the IT industry and juggling between work and travel, I have let my health slip away.

Sleeping late at night, getting up late, skipping breakfasts, sitting in front of the laptop and slogging for hours, eating junk food like there is no tomorrow had become a norm.

Until one fine day, I realized it was high time neglecting my health and thought of switching to a healthier lifestyle for my own sake with GoQii.

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Today as I pen down this post on my GOQii Fitness Band experience and review, it reminds me of my journey of the last three months, little did I know that it would become part of my life. Constantly checking my band to check how many calories I had burnt and how many steps I had walked on a daily basis, the messages from my coach to keep me on my toes and to inspire me to meet my target that I had set. It had all become a part of my second nature.

 (Read more about the band:  Be the Force with GoQii )

The fitness band looks plain black until you touch the display when it wakes up. The LED lights display either the time, the calories you have burnt, the number of steps you have walked that day or the karma points.


The band comes with the GoQii app which has to be installed on your phone and the data from the band syncs with the app to keep a note of how far you’ve walked, how many steps you have taken and how many calories you’ve burned. The app also allows you track your calorie and water intake.

Why GoQii?

You may ask why not just kick your lazy bum and go for a walk rather than buying a fitness band.

For me, it’s all about staying motivated. Goqii helps me track my step count and calories that I burn. It encourages me to keep going. It also held me accountable for lazy days. Sometimes I just forget to enter my food or water intake or entering waffles, ice cream, burger, and pizza or skipping breakfast after repeated advice from my coach makes me feel guilty. And this feeling of guilt makes me get back on track.

Changes and Learnings from my GoQii experience:

Diet Plan:

When I started using the band, I had a call with my coach about all the changes that I wanted to have in my life. Since I wake up late and sleep late and my water intake is also very less. So we started with setting targets for two weeks  and she asked me to continue doing the same thing for two to three weeks until it became a habit. I have a full-time job so all my blogging stuff had to wait until night. She asked me to change that, instead of blogging at night, she wanted me to do all the blogging activity in the morning with a fresh mind. Nowadays, I start my morning with a glass of warm water and lime juice followed by 30 minutes of yoga and then my blogging work continues.

Another important key for a healthier lifestyle is not to skip breakfast. Gone are those days when I used to be regular in skipping breakfast. Nowadays, I try eating lots of fruits and veggies and staying hydrated during my vacations too.



Staying Active:

Walk. Walk. Walk. Whenever and wherever you get a chance, just walk. Go for morning walks, evening walks or late night romantic walks. Walk to your nearest grocery store.  Take your pet out for a stroll. Ditch lifts and escalators and take the stairs instead. Just find a reason to walk.

You can also take up a hobby like sports or dancing, one of the best ways to stay fit.

During your travel make use of hotel gyms, go for swims and explore the city on foot.

In fact GoQii also organizes regular workout sessions every Sunday in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi as part of their Active Sunday Campaign. You can check more about that here.


Working Towards Karma:

The best part of the app is whatever calories you have burnt, you can donate that to any organization of your choice supporting initiatives like girls education etc. This makes the band unique from all other fitness bands and is really a great way to contribute back to your society by just taking a step towards a healthier lifestyle with GoQii.Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 4.56.35 PM

Pros of GoQii


  • It keeps a check on you towards your journey to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Keep a count on calories burnt
  • Keep a count on number of steps
  • You can set reminders which are a great feature if you work at a desk or you’re guilty of lazing around.
  • Track your sleep patterns
  • You have a personal coach who motivates you.
  • All the data are sent to coach to suggest you better.
  • Regular updates from coach on healthy tips, recipes etc
  • GoQii also organizes free workout sessions in all major cities on Sundays.
  • You can contribute your Karma Points to any good cause like child education etc.

You can check out for inspiring Goqii stories  HERE.

Cons of GoQii


  • The GoQii fitness band is not waterproof so tracking the calories burnt while swimming is not possible.
  • Tapping and changing it to sleep mode needs a lot of practice.
  • When you are driving you to need to change it to sleep mode, as the band considers it as walking and starts counting steps.
  • Keeping a track of the calories and water intake is a manual effort.

Price & Offer Code

Price :

Starts from INR 3999 for  3 months

They also have 3 months, 6months and 12 months plan. You can check more HERE

Website : 


Twitter :

Offer Code: 

Get 20 % discount using our referral code: swati997


If you are among the lazy ones who depend on a gym buddy or someone to keep motivating, then GoQii fitness band is a perfect way to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.


Do let us know if you use any other fitness band or planning to buy one?



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