Our First AirBnb Experience Dublin Ireland

Hola Everyone !! It feels like I am posting after ages, life’s tough when you need to juggle between family life, work life and blog life. I think my blog suffered the most in all this. But yes now am back with series of posts from the lands of Scotland, Ireland, and London.

But first of all, I am excited to review my first experience in an Airbnb! For those of you who don’t know about Airbnb, it is a website that focuses on unique apartment rentals with more than 600,000 listings in 192 countries where people rent out their rooms, apartments, and houses to people looking for a place to stay.

Our quiet yet beautiful Neighborhood

As travel bloggers, apart from exploring new places we love to learn about new culture, exploring off-beat places and mingling with locals gives us an immense high. So, when we heard about the concept of Airbnb, we were completely sold. It was through twitter that we stumbled upon the Airbnb website and after browsing and reading reviews, we thought it was worth giving a shot.

We have always preferred staying in boutique hotels or luxury resorts instead of hostel or couch surfing. This was our very first time renting someone’s place and sharing apartment with fellow travelers. The feeling of staying at someone’s home was a little overwhelming in the beginning. There was initial fear of “What would we do, if things do not work out?

To start off our Airbnb experience we did not want to go overboard and book someplace, which was situated in the midst of nowhere, hence with a lot of apprehensions we choose a place, which was conveniently located close to the airport as well as the city center.

We read all the reviews about the place from other fellow travelers and checked the host’s profile and zeroed in on a shared apartment with a private bedroom in Dublin, Ireland for five days.There was a bus stop just 2 minutes walking distance from the apartment, with two lines going to the City Centre.

View from balcony, we choose a quiet neighborhood for our stay at Dublin for five days.

Before booking, we contacted Our host Cynthia and she was quick to respond back to all our queries in an hour’s time regarding the apartment and the locality. She sent us an email, which had pictures and videos of how to get to the apartment from the airport along with the estimated fare.

She sent us a detailed email with pictures, exact fare plus a video. isn’t that cool!!!

This helped us to find the place quite easily without any hassles.

Our Airbnb Abode

Once we reached the apartment, she was there to welcome us with a huge smile. She was pretty excited to host us at her home. Our initial fear of staying in an apartment was subdued by the warm nature of our host and we immediately felt at home.

Living Area

She spent the next hour talking to us as to what we should do in Dublin. She gave us a lot of leads for places to visit, shop and eat. She was also kind enough to write down this information and pass it on to us so that we do not end up forgetting. She was reachable on Viber and Whatsapp almost all the time and her apartment had lots of leaflets and guidebooks.


The apartment was exactly the way it is shown on Airbnb site. It was nice, cozy and tastefully decorated. It was a two-bedroom apartment with a balcony overlooking the Shangan road. The beds were comfy enough.

Cozy yet comfy bedroom

The kitchen was well stocked with juices, different types of cereals, fruits etc. The living area had a huge LCD TV, there was also a coffee maker, fridge, microwave, washing machine, and dishwasher.

Fully equipped Kitchen

During the first night of our stay, we met an old couple from California who were on vacation spree in Europe after retirement. With the common interest of traveling the introductions ended up in talking to them for hours about travel moments and sharing stories about Irish culture and we were so delighted to know about their excitement to visit India and love for Yoga. It was their last day at Dublin and they were flying to London next day so rest 3 days we had the entire apartment to ourselves.

We had an amazing time cooking, doing laundry together, having cups of coffee sitting in the balcony and day trips from Dublin with Irish Day Tours. 🙂 🙂

It felt like a home away from home.

In short, we loved our stay and would recommend it to others.


We stayed at this beautiful apartment at Dublin which was just 4627 INR/ 60 Euro per night for 5 days.


Interested in trying Airbnb for your next trip?

Some pointers to get you started.

  • You need to create a profile.
  • Find the right property you are interested to stay in at the right location ( For eg: Entire home, shared room or private room )
  • Check the number of people the Airbnb stay accommodates be specific if you are going in a group.
  • The most important part is to read honest reviews of fellow travelers about the property listed.
  • Check your host’s profile, verification, and reviews.
  • Communicate with the host with all your queries and requirements before making any payment.
  • Check the cancellation policy before booking. Some hosts’ might be strict whereas others might be flexible.
  • Check the amenities listed like dishwasher, hair dryer, washing machine.
  • Check any other extra charges like cleaning charges, extra person charges if any mentioned by the host.
  • And last but not the least don’t forget to post your genuine feedback about the property so that it helps others travelers.Happy traveling!!! 🙂 🙂


Note: Use our referral link to sign-up on Airbnb and get INR 2200 of travel credit, which you can use to book any Airbnb around the globe.



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  1. Wonderful! This is the best stay option anyone could ever have. I am yet to try my first Airbnb stay.

    1. You will definitely love it Renuka … completely fits in our way of travel …. mingling with locals and exploring the offbeat 🙂

    1. Thank you so much very much 🙂 🙂

  2. Yes. you’re posting after a long time 😀 😛

    A nice and enjoyable read 🙂

    1. Yes after a long time …. your comments always makes me happy 🙂 Keep them coming 😉

  3. A nice and entertaining post…

  4. Nicely written! Love the pictures!

  5. An experience worth sharing. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot Himanshu …. they have some amazing properties listed

  6. Wonderful experience with such a caring hostess! Truly home away from home.
    Great to get your personal feedback about Airbnb.
    Great pics & review 🙂
    Hope you shared it with your hostess too! She’ll be so pleased.

    1. Yes we have already shared with her 🙂 🙂

      we loved our first experience and have already listed few places we are going to stay in our next trip to Europe 🙂

  7. Great website looks like! I will test it as we are going to Dublin in February so I am looking for accommodation – I will include it in my helpful links on my blog, thanks guys a lot!

  8. Forgot to add – with a link redirecting to your blog so people can get the credit, hope it is ok with you guys? Let me know if not, please.

    1. No issues we are glad you liked our post 🙂

  9. wow…such a beautiful place. 🙂

    1. it was a beautiful apartment 🙂

  10. Will definitely like to try out Airbnb

    1. Yup do try … they have some beautiful properties listed

  11. Never used them, but so many bloggers are talking about it right now!

    1. Yes, everyones in blogosphere was talking about airbnb , so we thought why not give a try … we stayed at a lovely apartment in Dublin for 5 days at just 4000 inr per night

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