Oyo Rooms Review

In the month of May, I received an interesting email for #Oyoxplorer activity by Indiblogger. A  group of 31 bloggers across Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi and Gurgaon were selected to be part of a blogger activity that involved exploring the city they live in. I found the concept pretty intriguing.

About Oyo Event: 

We were asked to reach Oyo Premium Rooms by 12 in the noon for our check-in. By the time I reached the hotel, it was a little late, Partha was completing his check-in formalities. At the reception, I met the representative from Oyo rooms who greeted me and handed over a kit and Oyo goodies which included a cap, a sipper, and an umbrella. He explained to us what was expected and what activities had been planned for the day. We were handed a booklet, which had a list of tasks that needed to be completed during the course of the day. The tasks also included taking a lot of selfies.. 😀 😀

The Hotel:

OYO Premium Majestic that we were supposed to visit is at Bangalore International Hotelwhich is a 3-star property right at the heart of the city. The hotel offered complimentary wi-fi and breakfast. The wi-fi speed was decent.

Oyo Rooms Review

Oyo Rooms Review

Address: Crescent Road, Highgrounds, Near Race Course, Bangalore

The Room:

After the short briefing, I checked into my room. The room was large and spacious with wooden flooring, queen size bed and all modern amenities and right in the heart of the city. It had a flat screen TV, a minibar, a dresser, an iron with a board.

The washroom was pretty good, it had a bathtub too and the shower area was covered by curtains. There was an amenity kit provided by Oyo rooms which included shampoo, notepad, pen, toothpaste, and soap. Impressive for a budget hotel, I must say!!



Kit by Oyo Rooms

VLOG – Room Tour

Food :

The breakfast spread was good, it included both south Indian and continental breakfast. The spread had Idli, Vada, dosa, Sambhar, cornflakes, juice, bread, and eggs. Quite good I must say for the amount you pay for the stay. The breakfast timing is from 7 AM to 10 AM. I met Vidya, Shailaja, Srinidhi, and Partha at the breakfast table, and we chatted, took some group pics.

The Price:

Let’s talk numbers. You might ask why should I book through Oyo Rooms rather than getting a good deal from the hotel itself. I too thought so but after checking the tariff for the rooms I understood why should one opt for Oyo Rooms.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.07.02 PM
Tariff of the rooms booked directly from the hotel

The same room if you book via Oyo Rooms, the price starts from INR 1899/- per night with breakfast included. Isn’t it an awesome deal?

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.06.20 PM
Oyo Premium Room Price


Visiting Bangalore and staying at Oyo Premium Rooms at Race Course Road or anywhere near MG Road

Below is the list of places you can visit or do in Bangalore:

  • You can visit Vidhan Soudha, Bangalore Palace, and Ulsoor Lake.
  • Parks: Cubbon Park, Lal Bagh ( Avoid them on weekends as they might be overcrowded )
  • Nearby Malls: UB City, Garuda Mall, Bangalore Central, Sigma Mall
  • Street Shopping: Commercial Street, Shivaji Market, Chickpet Market, MG Road
  • Devour a hearty south Indian meal at the oldest MTR restaurant near Lal Bagh.
  • Order a drink and watch the sun setting on the 13th Floor, Barton Center.
  • Take a metro ride
  • Watch a play at Rangasthala,
  • Or just get gloriously lost in the IT city’s most happening lanes 😉


We visited the property in 2015 as part of a Bloggers activity organized by Indiblogger. We were there for the #OyoExplorer activity.


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  1. Awesome post. Very well written.

    1. Horrible……Never use Oyo Rooms..Worst experience of my life.
      I booked a room and paid in full.

      On the day when I was supposed to check in , I got a call from customer care of Oyo that due to electrcity failure they are shifting me to another hotel ( complete lie , I checked with the hotel ).

      Then when i reached japiur I kept on calling the reception number given to me by Oyo. No one picked. They gave me another no . No was out of service.

      Then I again got a call that my hotel is being changed. New no was provided but when i dialled the no I was told that no rooms were available.

      I called Oyo Rooms again. They put me on hold on the pretext of finding out the details and I waited for 15 mins but they kept me on hold.
      I called again and they again put me on hold.

      Then 3rd time when I called they asked me if my wife’s id has anywhere written that I am her husband. They have roms for married couple only and i need to provide prrof that my wife is actually my wife HA HA HA. Luckily my wife’s id had my name ( Wife of / instead of Daughter of .

      They again disappered saying that they will send me sms with hotel details.
      In the meanwhile I received around 20 sms giving me different hotels’s details and tank you sorry and all.
      After 3 hrs I got a room which was around 20 Km from railway station. Initially they promised me room near railway statation.
      Room was bad , staffs were non existent and overall I can say I dont have to describe how bad the propert was.

      1. I agree with this Gentleman bcs I myself faced such problem this was my bad very bad I would say
        No more Oyo

      2. You are write abhishek
        We have also d sm experience

        1. Our heartfelt apologies Manisha, We request you to kindly inbox us your booking Id so that we can help you accordingly.

  2. very nice and detailed review. Loved it.

  3. Thanks for reminding that beautiful weekend

  4. Thanks for the detailed review.

  5. सबसे बकवास सर्विस..एक रात इन्होने पागल बना दिया मुझे बिना पानी के …मैंने 2 room book किये थे रात 11 : 44 (03sep2015 ) sec15 गुडगाँव ,इनके होटल से लेकर इनके दिए हुए नंबर पर रात से लेकर दिन के 5 बजे तक कॉल करता रहा किसी ने पानी की बोतल तक नहीं दी 10बार कॉल की मैंने और last गेट वाले गार्ड की पानी की बोतल से पानी पीया और मेरे साथ आये हुए मेहमानो को टॉयलेट का पानी पिलाया.. ये है इनकी सर्विस …अगर मैं आप से झूट बोल रहा हु तो मुझे कभी कॉल करे(09041416363 ) मेरी क्या बात हुई है इनके call centre के नंबर पे …वो दिन हमेसा याद रहेगा जो इन्होने मुझे दिया और मरते दम तक नहीं use करुगा इनकी सर्विस …
    हद होते है रात 12 से 4 :51 तक कॉल पे कॉल करता रहा और बार बार मुझे hold पे डाल देते थे …कुछ ऐसा था मेरा experience oyo room k saath

  6. I booked my first OYO room through Apps and it was a horrible experience for me as described below.
    I checked in the hotel Chandra Prakash, Udaipur on 10.11.2015 at 8.00 am and checked out on 12.11.2015 at 9.30 am. So I stayed there for two days along with my family (3 persons).
    I called the property manager through Apps on 9th Nov morning and informed him that I would arrive at the hotel on 10th Nov at 8.00 am and requested for an early check in.
    I also informed through OYO Apps that I would check in early 3.00 am-6.00 am.
    The property manager and OYO confirmed that they would keep the room ready for me for early check in.
    In the contrary and to our disappointment when we arrived at the hotel on 10th Nov at 8.00 am we found that no room was available. We were told by the hotel staff who was there at the reception that the room would be provided at the standard check in time that is around 12.00 noon. I insisted that since prior intimation was given to them, I must be given a room. Then they agreed to give me a room on (room no 106) which had some problem –they said- but since there was no option I agreed to take that on temporary basis.
    The floor of the room was full of water leaking from toilet; there was no towel or toiletries given. After calling room service twice I got only one towel for three persons after waiting for 30 minutes.
    In the evening room no. 104 was given to us whose entry door is fitted with a broken lock, walls are damped ,only one set of toiletries was given for 3 persons and one has to be mindful about his head because of the low door height specially in toilet also it appeared that they did not change the bed sheet , pillow cover etc. after the last guest left because they were full of body hairs.
    My wife called the reception /room service to change the linens. There was absolutely no response for next 15 minutes. She called again for follow-up but the staff showed his displeasure in that. After 10 minutes one person came to change the linens but he kept on complaining that the linens were fresh only in spite of showing him the hairs on the bed sheet and blanket cover.
    The free Wi-Fi was erratic, very slow and was given to me when I enquired about it.
    The complimentary breakfast menu is fixed without much choices and one has to pay extra for a good breakfast. On 12th Nov morning we were not provided with breakfast coupons since they were confused and they thought we had breakfast 10th Nov morning , actually we did not take any breakfast on that day, after much explanation we got the breakfast coupons.
    The biggest surprise we got while checking out- they charged me additional Rs 600 for the filty room they provided me for the early check in, which they did not mention when they provided me that room ! I did not agree to pay the additional amount and I called the help line of OYO but the lady who received the call insisted that I must pay that, she did not try to understand my explanation at all.
    I had to rush for the bus stand to catch a bus at 10.00 am, so I did not have time to argue with them much. I handed over my Credit Card to the manager, and after few attempt they told me that their Card reader in not working so I have to go to an adjacent shop for this payment.
    The amount was Rs. 5008/- , since I was in a hurry I entered my pin code without much checking, took the card receipt and went away. While going to the bus stand i suddenly noticed that they have charged Rs 5800/- instead of Rs.5008/-, I again rushed to the hotel from midway to claim that. They however paid me the balance amount.
    I would like to convey you that this hotel is being run by few inexperienced and unprofessional local lads, there are no standardized facilities there which a guest will look for and it must be delisted from your list. OYO should not introduce such nonsense things without a thorough checking.

  7. The very first stay with oyo and I must say I am quite disappointed.
    We had book the oyo rooms almost 2 months ago and they changed the hotel twice.we have not received proactive msg from oyo on this.
    And the very sad part is when we reached to the allignedhotel for a stay he informed booking is alloted to different hotel…a very unprofessional not travelfriendly and an untrusty. No No For next time.

    1. That’s really disappointing 🙁

      Have already shared your feedback with the Oyo team

  8. Hi Guys,

    I am not someone who generally write reviews about anything but this was epic hence had to share with the world

    I happen to trust OYO rooms just by the popularity and some of my friends Experiences. but their service gave me a shock. Wont be trusting them again.

    Part I

    I was given a booking ID

    when visited the hotel(Radiance hotel in Delhi) the guy at the reception told the he wasn’t notified about the booking but he said since he doesn’t have the Room available he will be shifting us to nearest hotel(Victor). but he said he will be collecting the payment at Radiance.

    I went to that place wasn’t even OYO linked hotel.

    I didn’t check-in there thinking since the booking was done by OYO .

    Part II

    I called up the customer support think something will be sorted after having a heated argument with the hotel owner.

    I started with my booking id

    he said booking has been confirmed please have a pleasant stay.

    when I started describing the scenario the disconnected the call.

    Part III

    I checked in to a different hotel and again called up the customer support and asked to get the call transferred to Supervisor, got connected to someone who was claiming himself to be a Web support agent.

    when asked for the supervisor again he said he is the only one handling all the stuff.

    That supervisor told me he will check and call back in 10 minutes.

    I said ok had no other options.

    then the funniest part.( heights of MANIPULATION)

    ==i was checking my mail I received a call from a number which didn’t even ring for a SECOND soon after that I received a Text.(lack of response from your side booking cancelled)==

    After coming back from the trip I sent an email as well.

    only reply I got it is

    I am sorry that you faced problems at property.

    Rest assured, we are investigating the reasons as to the causes of the problems faced by you and working on priority to resolve them. So that your future experience with OYO goes hassle free.

    you really have guts to run a business with some unhappy customers. lets see how far you can go

  9. Recently I stayed in oyo rooms Sri saisadhan at hyderabad chikadapally the oyo people done wrong billing and demanded to pay even though I did not occupied entire days due to .the room which alloted Geysor is not working some iron dust is coming from the taps flush is not working we though they are all educated but they will suck the money like a blood bug worst service they will provide I suggest not to book through oyo which makes you money lost and dissatisfied rooms they will provide The Hotel management is helpless if you book through Index of / (http://oyo.In) indian history nowhere charge the rent when we vacate only oyo can charge the money from us hats up for their bad service and money sucking attitude

    1. Thanks for sharing your honest feedback Ramesh, it will definitely help others to decide before booking oyo rooms

  10. Here is another experience of OYO controlled booking in Allepey in Kerala. I booked the room for 30th may check in and 31st check out. But these all startups starts a thing but really sucks after few days. This is another example. Royal homes was listed in OYo and I booked it for 3 people for the mentioned period above. So far after entering the premises have not got even a single positive of these two combined. Listing one by one below.
    1. No one is there in the reception to welcome you. You need to call up oyo number and get connected to hotel person and then again a phone call within them and there arrives a person in the reception are.
    2. No basic supply to the room. For a three person shared room you have a bare cupboard woth hell lot of dust and dirt inside it. The bed side drawers are also in the same condition.
    3. In 21st century excuse like due to rain cae connection is disconnected can’t really be digested. Can it be?
    4. OYO states free wifi connection and there again a hoax. Wifi diesn’t get connected inside the room. You need to go to the open area only to connect.
    5. Service of OYO over phone is another experience like hell. They will state issue would be resolved within 15mins and even after 3hrs nothing happens. Custoer care persons will repeat the same language and update like the hotel persons.
    Shame on these peoples who just plays with customer’s money. No idea how these people write a the so called positives. Are they paid by OYO? Are they aware of the ground zero facts. Really have douvt about that.

    1. Thanks Amit for sharing your experience, it will definitely help others. My experience was good, we opted for the Oyo premium range.

  11. Very bad experience with oyo Rooms noida sector 71 WV… no cleaning, no dustbin, uncleand bedsheet ,teared blanket cover…and breakfast option… I suggest dnt go for this app again if u really wanna to enjoy and money and relationship important for you… They will not return your money if you wanna to cancel booking…

  12. Awesome post. This travel-centric blog reveals the best staying option in. It will be a great help for the travelers who are planning to visit Gurgaon. I would like to experience this beautiful hotel which is experienced in offering luxury and comfort. Free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast and few more as mentioned.

  13. Worst services.i booked one room in Delhi .when time of checking the hotel manager say i don’t have any room we r sold out “oyo Wale pagal hai how to make a booking we r sold out ” . worst service vary bad experience .

  14. Never trust OYO rooms, these are just money launders and never interested in customer satisfaction. Early check in if even a minute early the entire day will be charged.

    They don’t have humanity neither are their facilities are good. If you looking for budget hotels please try make my trip, Thomas cook or any other trusted one.

    Don’t know why IRCTC had tied up with this bloody shit services of oyo.

    Personally booked two rooms in oyo in Tirupathi just because I logged in early by half an hour they charged me two days rent whereas they agreed to give 30% advance check in charges. However upon admitting mistakes, they should have booked my rooms for two days and took 5800 but looted 6695

    If you really looking for quality hotels and great customer satisfaction then stay away from oyo and try other service providers or direct hotel. Atleast they won’t loot you

    1. Dear Puneeth,
      We’re sorry you did not have a positive experience. However, early check-in is chargeable. You can refer to our guest policies for more details: http://bit.ly/1IA80Sa .

      Team OYO

  15. OYO is a good option for budget stay. The rooms at King’s 10 in at RT Nagar in Bangalore are not reasonably clean but but basic internal service lack efficiency. Water supply needs to be regularised. From 3 am until 9.30 am there had been no water supply. The entrance needs to be lighted up and a face lift would be good for business. But the communication between the ‘promoting-small-hotels (King’s 10, in this case) and OYO needs due immense attention. There has been gaps, time and again causing embarrassment to the host in front of the invited guests. Rule number 1 in the hospitality industry never mind 7*/5*3/* or budget.
    Since, I have advised friends to look for other options – fortunately, Bengaluru has the options of service apartments.

  16. Hi
    We planned our family holiday trip with OYO… to Kerala 4N/5D… It was worst experience.

    Initially it-ternary said on arrival at alleppey railway station your driver will pick and transfer to resort and from there we will transfer to house boat.
    When we reach at alleppey driver doesn’t know where to take us, he is asking us where to go…. with 4kids, 2 elderly parents and family where we need to go at 4.00 AM which is raining heavily outside, and this place is new we dont know anybody here.
    OYO are suppose to be our holiday travel planner who has not planned our holiday stay properly.

    Then with the help of driver we our-self booked some hotel and stayed there till 12PM and then headed towards boathouse. (Which was suppose to be planned properly by OYO team)

    In initial first itternary OYO have assured resort and extra 13k for house boat. I have agreed and also in same mail I have asked to change hotel in thekkady and OYO have agreed to change, then only I have confirmed to proceed further.

    First day first impression was bad… we lost the holiday mood before we start.

    Totally it was worst experience with OYO

    Arun kumar

  17. Pathetic app . will sugest customers to never use it . very irresponsible people dont know how to talk . and we have been charged extra for balcony room but when we reache we got to know that all the balcony room are already booked. and oyo people had said hotel people that the customer are 3 hr late then give room to other customer . what the hell , we come 1 hr before check out what the hell is oyo room people problem . worst very bad app.

    1. Dear Deeksha,
      We’re really sorry to know about the stay experience you had to go through. Please share your booking ID and we’ll look into the matter here for you.
      Team OYO

  18. Oyo is the most horrible and more than it. Their job is only to mis guide the customers. Their website tell us the fake hotel address. We have search for a hotel for dharmshala himachal pradesh as per their website but in reality it was on dharmashala road which is 18 km far from dharmashala. We booked hotel in against the cancellation policy of zero deduction. When we called customers care they said 1 day tarrif will be deducted out of 6500 rs. When we request to change our hotel near to dharmashala they offered more extensive hotel named surbhi hotel in nadi road.
    Oh my god for 2 days charges for 2 rooms are 8500 rs without dinner breakfast no electrical karte no room heater at 1 degree temperature. Can you imagine our condition by seeing two mote mote chuhe !! my god.!!
    Our experience not less than after watching a horror movies.
    Pl my request you all for the readers don’t go with this app.

    1. Very true, horrible app and horrible portal to book

  19. Amazing hotel and the best living rooms.

  20. The very worst experience with Oyo. Just imagine if you are staying for one day in a hotel and you have to pay for 3 days. I booked hotel for 3 days but due to some reason I had to check out early n those people of Oyo charged for 3 complete days . They are saying customers are valuable , when I remind them the same thing they said , its ur choice if u don’t want to continue with Oyo. My dear frnds pls pls never book hotel with Oyo. This is the 3rd worst experience of mine . Pleaee travel with go I bibo or not, but never take risk with Oyo, even some where they do charge for brk fast also ,and when we call Oyo to complain , they says we do not hold any responsibility at property.. we are just portal. They don’t care for their customers , pls don’t book with Oyo.

  21. The very worst experience with Oyo. Just imagine if you are staying for one day in a hotel and you have to pay for 3 days. I booked hotel for 3 days but due to some reason I had to check out early n those people of Oyo charged for 3 complete days . They are saying customers are valuable , when I remind them the same thing they said , its ur choice if u don’t want to continue with Oyo. My dear frnds pls pls never book hotel with Oyo. This is the 3rd worst experience of mine . Pleaee travel with go I bibo or mmt, but never take risk with Oyo, even some where they do charge for brk fast also ,and when we call Oyo to complain , they says we do not hold any responsibility at property.. we are just portal. They don’t care for their customers , pls don’t book with Oyo.

  22. Once my brother took a oyo room in banglore me and my wife wanted tome surprise him in his birthday. So we went to the hotel with a cake and requested the hotel staff. But the hotel staff refused to let us inside saying we cannot visit anyone after 10 pm even though after we said it was his birthday and we’ll just cut the cake and leave still we we’re not permitted inside I almost begged the hotel staff still of no use we had to return back that day. It is the first time I have seen a hotel staff behaving so rude like this as I work in an airline I have lived almost most of my days in hotels only after that incident no more to oyo rooms

  23. Never trust oyo rooms.the pictures shown in d website are fake.we were on our way to manali and we had to stay at Chandigarh …v bookd an oyo room…holiday inn paradise burail.it was disgusting.there was a bucket kept inside the room to collect water falling out of AC .wat more explanation you require.the bedsheets and bathrooms were not hygeinic…they have brilliantly avoided pay at hotel facility to trap travellers.oyo rooms had spoiled our trip.I would never suggest anyone to buk hotels through oyo.its bettr you go to the place find hotels,if it’s really satisfactory then you pay there.dnt get fooled around.

    1. I completely agree with you Gowri, we also had a very bad experience recently…one of the many reasons why I have not taken down this post is because of feedbacks like yours and others. It’s good for people to read and take a call accordingly.

  24. I have booked through Oyo for 1st & 3rd July at New Delhi for a short stay for 8 hours. While booking I was promised for early checkin and complimentary breakfast. When I checked in the hotel staff refused to my requests and the Oyo call centre people on both calls disconnected the phone while complaining. I have paid payment in advance otherwise I would not stayed at Oyo hotels nor would recommend anyone to book through Oyo.
    The linen in hotel was given wet and when asked for dry one the staff said due to rain the towels are wet. There is no hot water in toilets. Common areas unclean and shabby not fit for families stay.

  25. Never trust oyo rooms.
    Recently, our family visited OYO rooms in Spring Road, Mussoorie. It was terrible property which was given to us, we paid advance price for 2 rooms.
    1) Services provided were bad, we need to call 2-3 times for each service we need, such as Towel, toilet papers, eatable items, for cleaning rooms.
    2) Toilets were stinking.
    3) Dirty utensils, as such for every eatable item we need to go out from the hotel to Mall road.
    4) Extra bed-sheets and extra blankets were not given as they did not have much spare blankets and bed-sheets.
    5) Some of the staff members were not at all co-operative. Even the owner of the property was very rude.
    6) kitchen was so dirty, that we could even think of eating there. For small thing like tea we need to go out.

  26. Recently, our family visited OYO rooms in Spring Road, Mussoorie. It was terrible property which was given to us, while we paid advance price for 2 rooms.
    1) Services provided were bad, we need to call 2-3 times for each service we need, such as Towel, toilet papers, eatable items, for cleaning rooms.
    2) Toilets were stinking.
    3) Dirty utensils, as such for every eatable item we need to go out from the hotel to Mall road.
    4) Extra bed-sheets and extra blankets were not given as they did not have much spare blankets and bed-sheets.
    5) Some of the staff members were not at all co-operative. Even the owner of the property was very rude.
    6)kitchen was too too dirty, it was stinking badly.

  27. I had booked Oyo room for two nights at Nakshatra Grand hotel,Ooty. I am writing this feedback from the same hotel. I checked in today, 8th July 2017 along with my family. The room 105 has bad odour, toilet door is broken from inside and outside. No phone in the room for calling room service.I had already paid the hotel in advance, moreover as it’s a weekend, most of the hotels are booked; don’t have time to search for other hotel as we have to go for sightseeing. The hotel doesn’t have any restaurant, they bring food from outside and all the items are overpriced. The hotel manager is not customer friendly. After seeing the service of Oyo rooms, I won’t book any Oyo room in the future. Worst experience. Treebo hotels provide better rooms in the same price category. Nakshatra Grand doesn’t provide free wifi. They provide complimentary breakfast and for which they give coupons for having breakfast in the opposite hotel.

  28. First experience is very bad with oyo room —

    not book the room through oyo otherwise you’re harassing like me on 27 of july in even i have to book the room through oyo app also i got confirmation boking id SOBX1923 message but when i reached the book at 11 pm property manger is told me there is not available any room than i can call to oyo coustomer care manger is shifting me another hotel there tariff is 2200 i have book only 652 after. Very very bad experience oyo coustomer is harassing me more than 3 hours.

  29. Rude receptionist, Wrong Commitments by OYO ROOMS. “I HAD BOOKED THIS HOTEL BY OYO ROOMS” – I have appointment with doctor of Applo Geneagles so i planned to stay in a hotel near Howrah railway station and i planned to book hotel via OYO ROOMS. I have mentioned everything to the OYO hotel customer support that i am visiting to Howrah with my Sister in law as my brother is living in other state due to his job. OYO customer support executive told me that not an issue and they cofirmed that i will not face any issue only we both have to submit our id proofs. I have agreed on that and reached to Kolkata. My check in time was 2:30PM but due to some urgent checkups of my nephew i reached to hotel at 8PM.
    When i have reached there i had submitted my id proof and hotel receptionist who was very rude asked me to submit my id proofs. i submitted my ids they he asked me about the relationship i told them the lady with me is my sister in law then he directly denied to book room for me in the hotel even before reaching the hotel i have confirmed my booking with the hotel owner mr. Manish. Apart from it he also started talking with me in very bad way. Also my plan was to stay in hotel from 31st July 2017 from 2:30PM to 1st Aug 2017, 5 PM. OYO have committed me that if i will stay there till 5PM then i have to pay 0 to 30% for next day but hotel receptionist directly denied that he told me even i will stay till 5 PM next day i have to pay in full.. I mentioned that OYO ROOM executives told me that i have to pay only 0 to 30% based on some terms and conditions then hotel receptionist told me that OYO have some other rules while we have some other rules and we are not following all the rules of OYO…

    Very dirty rooms, no proper management, wrong commitment . This hotel as well as the OYO room not recommended. Not recommended.. They are costing double charge also..

    OYO Committed that in hotel there were laundry and many other facilities while all the facilities were paid. If we have to take any additional facilities then we must have to pay.
    Apart from it, they are ordering non hygienic food from outside local hotels of Howrah railway station and charging more than double for foods..


  30. Worst service ever. They take all your money and don’t even book the hotel room. I was with my friends to kerela and was waiting on road for 2hrs because they dint make a proper booking and then I had to shift to a different hotel after making so many calls


  32. I too was cheated by oyo. I did book two rooms at ahmedabad through oyo customer care. I did make prepayment online. But when I reached hotel, I found that no room was booked by oyo for me. Now on one side oyo says I did stay at that hotel and says they have initiated refund. But not received refund since last 12 days

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