Top Things To Do And See In Hallstatt, Austria

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From stunning mountain ranges to beautiful lakes, Austria’s landscape is as diverse as it is jaw-dropping. The country is dotted with stunning Austrian Alps, glistening lakes, and stunning towns that look straight out of a fairytale. One such pretty town we visited last month is Hallstatt.

With just over 900 residents, this picturesque UNESCO Heritage town is one of the most photographed places in Europe and the world. The picture-postcard town overlooks the Hallstatt Lake and is one of the oldest Celtic settlements in Europe, dating all the way back to the Iron age.

In today’s post, we spill out the top things to do and visit in Hallstatt.

halstatt places to visit


ANYTIME. It’s an all year round destination. Every season is different and Halstatt won’t disappoint you in any season. But the best time, in our opinion, is definitely during fall and winter when the crowds have thinned out.


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1. Visit the Ice Cave 

Don’t miss the Dachstein Ice cave that was discovered in 1910. It is not only famous for frozen waterfalls but also for ice formations. There are guided tours and it takes around 50 minutes. You can check the price of the tour here.

Tip: You can board Bus no. 543 from Hallstatt

Note – The visit to the cave is closed from Nov- May so plan your itinerary accordingly.  

Ice Cave Halstatt

2. The Charnel House in Michael’s Chapel

Visit the Bone House which is filled with bones and painted skulls. Due to its limited available space, Hallstatt is the only village in Austria where long-buried skulls and bones are often hand painted and put on display. There are close to 1200 painted skulls on display in the Charnel House. 

3. Boating

Don’t miss hopping on a traditionally crafted wooden boat called Fuhre.  (website)

4. Viewing Points 

For spectacular views head to Five Fingers & Sky Walk ( 1148 feet). You can club Five Fingers with the visit to the Ice Cave and Sky Walk can be clubbed with the visit to Salt Mine. 

Note: For Sky Walk, you can just pay for the funicular ride if you don’t want to visit Salt Mine. 

Top Things To See And Do In Hallstatt, Austria

There are funiculars that will take you up in minutes. On a clear day, the view from the top is breathtakingly beautiful.


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5. Market Square

Market Square is the heart of the town peppered with pretty pastel houses, cute cafes, and souvenir shops. There are numerous events planned all around the year. In winter it is quite popular for the Christmas markets. You will also find souvenir shops and restaurants dotted as you weave in and out of the streets. 

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6. Wander Aimlessly and enjoy your time by the lake

Take a stroll through the sleepy town; you will find dozens of elegant swans for the company and centuries-old timber houses to admire. The beautiful lake is surrounded by the Austrian Alps and connects three small towns in the Salzkammergut: Obertraun, Bad Goisern, and Hallstatt. 

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7. Hiking Trails

There are also numerous hiking trails in and around Hallstatt which are quite popular during the summer months. 

8. Salt Mine

Last but not least, visit the famous 7,000 years old Salt Mine which is considered to be the oldest Salt Mine in the world. The 2-hour long tour will give you an insight into the salt mining industry. 

Check the latest price and timings on their official website


It’s a small town so you can cover everything in a day but in case you are planning to stay overnight and wake up to the view of the glistening Hallstatt lake, then you can consider staying at below properties or Airbnb ( Use our code and get discount on your first booking ) or find hotels on and compare prices on 

  1. Hallstatt Hideaway  (double room starts from EUR 370)
  2. See hotel Grüner Baum (double room starts from EUR 220)
  3. W & S Executive Apartments (double room starts from EUR 240)
  4. Seehotel am Hallstätter See (double room starts from EUR 180)
  5. Heritage Hotel Hallstatt (double rooms start at EUR 170)
  6. Gasthof Pension Hirlatz (double rooms start at EUR 120)


By Road – We highly recommend driving to Hallstatt. The Salzkammergut region is amazing for pitstops.

By Train – There are trains from major cities like Vienna, Salzburg & Innsbruck.

The train station is actually on the other side of the lake ( i.e in Obertraun) so you have to take a ferry to reach Hallstatt. You can get your tickets from the ferry station that’s just beside the train station. Price: 2.50 €

Day trips are also quite popular to Hallstatt from Vienna &  Salzburg.

If you have any other queries, feel free to drop us a comment below. 


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