Travel Hack Series – How to zero down on a Destination?

Wish choosing a destination was as simple as throwing a dart on a world map and flying to the destination. Unfortunately,  it needs a lot of planning and research.

Sharing few things you should factor in while planning your vacation.



Currency Exchange Rate
Flight connectivity and price
Best Time to Visit
 Travel Advisory

➡ Visa

Always check the visa requirements, fee, and the processing time before booking flights or hotels.

➡ Connectivity

Check flight prices and connectivity. You can read our article on finding cheap flights and accommodation. 

➡ Perks of Shoulder Season

If it’s an expensive destination and you don’t want to spend a lot then prefer visiting during shoulder season when crowds have thinned out and hotels are way cheaper as compared to peak season.

( For example – We chose to go to Switzerland for 11 days in April rather than in summer. We saved a lot and there were hardly any tourists ).

➡ Timings matter a lot

Like for example if you want to go to Amsterdam to see Tulip fields, you need to plan it well. Always check the timings on their official website and plan your trip well in advance so that you are not disappointed.

Always keep special events in mind. Plan your trip before or after the occasions if you are not keen on attending.

➡ For planning and itinerary

Our go-to sites/ apps are

@instagram – Geotags and hashtags are two powerful features that can help you a lot in planning.

@youtube – Watch videos to see how the place looks in real without any jazzy filter or editing. It will give you an idea.

@pinterest – This is our favorite app. You can pin amazing blog posts and pictures to refer later while planning your itinerary to deets.

Last but not the least, the one and only @tripadvisor for reviews and feedbacks of a tour, hotel or a place.

➡ Choose Countries that are cheaper

Start exploring countries that are cheaper yet stunning like Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal or Bhutan.

European countries like Slovenia, Bosnia, Estonia, Latvia and other eastern European countries that won’t create a dent in your wallet like their western counterparts. 😉

Hope the tips help you in planning your vacation.


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