10 Tips to make your Blogging Journey Awesome

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This is part of the “Learn with us” series sharing our experience, mistakes, tips, and tricks so that it does help others.

Internet is flooded with tips and tricks on how to create a successful travel blog,  how to grow followers,  too many ‘how to’s’  on everything.

We thought let us add one more list to the repository of leanings, findings, and overflowing advice.

As part of our blogging series, this post is all about sharing some blogging tips and tricks from our experience and observations in the last few years. Grab a coffee and read on…. 

10 Tips to make your Blogging Journey Awesome

First thing first, Stop Comparing

Stop comparing your journey with others.

You don’t know their journey, their struggle or their hard work, so better than focusing all your energy comparing and firming opinions about others, focus on your journey and your strength. Negate the negativity and bring in positivity in your work.

The only person with whom you should always compare and improve is – YOURSELF.

Identify and work on your strengths.

We all are different, we have different strengths and weaknesses we come from different backgrounds. The way we see the world is also different. Instead of the following someone blindly, carve your own niche. If you are good at writing, woo your audience with your amazing writing skills. If you are confident and good at making videos, share your stories by creating kick-ass video content. 

Don’t judge or categorize traveler 

Some might have started traveling 2-3 years back, some might have traveled all their life. Some might prefer traveling solo and some might love traveling with a companion. For some traveling is getting connected with their soul while for some traveling is a good break from the daily grind and coming back all rejuvenated.

Never judge people on how they travel or carried away with over glamorization of a particular trend.

Collaborate with other bloggers 

Blogging is a happy community of people sharing their passion and interacting with like-minded people. Help others, grow with them rather being jealous.

Work on blog’s UI 

To be honest, readers get hooked if you have a simple yet beautiful website which is easy to navigate rather than a website with advertisement all around.

Read somewhere that – Readers are just like window shoppers, they tend to stop by a pretty blog.

Focus on writing and photography

Not a good writer? No worries, practice makes a man perfect. Keep writing, sharing, am sure after the 50th post you yourself can see the drastic change in your writing. But always focus on sharing new content and add value. Know your style of writing and work on improving that. And yes, Travel blogging is not about just writing, it’s more about sharing your experience; not good at words then let your photos do all the talking. 

Spend some time editing, correcting the image rather than directly posting it on your blog. Reduce the size of each and every image, so that it loads faster.

Engage with your fellow bloggers and content creators

  • Participate in Twitter Chats – Another great way to get interact, know new bloggers or even your potential readers is by being part of interesting twitter chats.
  • Engage with your readers Replying back to comments is a great way to get connected with your blog.
  • Reciprocate – Never cloud yourself with ego and superiority. Always reciprocate back in whatever possible way you can and be respectable and polite. You never know you might end up losing some loyal lifelong readers. 

Never stop learning 

We have been blogging for years now and we still feel that there is so much to learn both from experienced bloggers as well as newbies. So, never stop yourself from learning or visiting other blogs. Believe me, there is so much information floating all around that you don’t want to miss if you are serious about blogging. Never underestimate anyone,  you never know when they can outshine you. Always try to be good to others.


Attend events, bloggers meet and even press trips, it is a great way to connect with like-minded people and create awareness about your blog. I have met some lovely people on events and trips. 

Pitch To Media/ PR’s  

Everyone does that but very few will openly accept. There is no harm. PR cannot keep a tab of all the amazing new blogs in the worldwide world, so letting them know your presence is one way to bring your blog under their radar. They may like it or outright reject it, the choice is theirs but at least take the first step. 

You can also join FB groups like :

  • Media Movement
  • PR Club

Market Yourself 

This is the most important aspect of blogging. Share. Share. Share. Make use of all the social media sites you are active on. The more you market yourself, the more the opportunity follows. But, yes that does not mean you have to blindly follow others.

Forget Stats 

This is one sane advice that we think of. The more you are worried the more you are stuck. Just keep posting whatever you like on different platforms, liking others’ contents, sharing them if you really like them and reciprocating others.

You can actually never fathom which post of yours or picture/ video can overnight make you a social media star. So, keep enjoying, clicking and sharing whatever you like.

Keep Writing & Blogging 

Don’t have a huge number of readers, don’t worry. Write for yourself, write for your family members and friends or maybe for the few readers who are regular at your blog.

Blogging is more about sharing your thoughts, sharing unusual stories and just pouring your heart out.

Stand Out from the crowd 

Your blog is entirely your space, do whatever you like rather than satisfying others whim.

There will always be people who won’t like it and there will always be people who will love it. 🙂

Last but not the least:- 

You have got one life… live the way you want.. Don’t stress out trying to fit yourself into categories.

Travel blogging is just a chapter of your book called LIFE. 


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