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If you would have been following our Instagram and/or Facebook page you might already know that we have recently received the brand new fitness band from GoQii and we are one of the twelve Ambassadors for the GOQii fitness band’s “Be Summer Ready” campaign in India!

I am going to use it for the next 3 months and my coach will help me in achieving the fitness goal that I have set for myself.

It’s been more than two weeks now that I have been using it and can feel the changes in my lifestyle and the effort to make the shift to a healthier lifestyle. Though I don’t say that my lifestyle has changed overnight but yes I can feel the difference. Choosing right kind of food while eating outside, opting water/juices over a cold drink while watching a movie, opting for dark chocolates, taking the staircase than the elevator, yoga or hitting hotel gym on vacations and making a conscious effort to stay hydrated while travelling.

Well, you might be curious what is GoQii and what makes it different. Just keep reading further to find out more.


What’s GoQii?

It isn’t like any other fitness band but GoQii happens to be  an entire ecosystem. With the sturdy band comes an app where you need to log your food and water intake. The app syncs with the band and updates the number of steps taken, calories burnt and sleeping timings and sends it across to your coach who on the basis of the data received, will do the analysis and suggest you on healthy lifestyle choices and motivate you to achieve the goals that you have set. The app has all the data for you and your coach to track.

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GOQii helps you nurture your body, mind and soul to make a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle.  #BETHEFORCE

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What Makes GoQii Different?

The human touch … you have someone to guide you and motivate you to achieve your goal. The coach is like your personal trainer with whom you can share your problems and fitness goals, what are the healthy choices you want to incorporate into your existing lifestyle. You can choose your coach who is an expert from the field of nutrition, human psychology, fitness, gamification to keep you motivated and engaged.

My Coach Neelima does keep motivating me and helps me to achieve my target. I have set a target of 10,000 steps per day which I am yet to reach but I can see improvement in my life and the effort of reaching my target of drinking at least 2 litres of water which I tend to ignore when I have loads of work or while traveling, so the band is a good reminder. She helps me to choose right food, right activities that can help me reduce my weight.

Another thing that makes this band unique is  while achieving your target, you also earn KARMA points, which you can use to support a social cause of your choice.

How to use GoQii?

The GoQii band set comes with a band, a charger and activation code. The activation code is based on the subscription you have opted for like 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. You can see the below slideshow on how to use the band and sync it with the app which is pretty easy.

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Change in lifestyle:

Nowadays my day starts with drinking warm water with lemon juice followed by yoga and then 15 minutes brisk walking. I do carry my water bottle everywhere whether I go to work, shopping or while travelling to keep a track on my water intake. Not only that, my coach also shares with me healthy recipes and keeps pinging me healthy tips every day. 🙂 🙂

She says it takes at least 2 weeks of continuous dedication to get used to a healthy lifestyle and good habits.

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Note: The Tales of a Traveler is part of the Summer Ready Campaign of GoQii we have received this band for review but opinion as always is our own.


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