Why Choose AirBnb Over Hotel ?

If you have already read our previous post on Airbnb wishlist and our first Airbnb experience you might have understood our new found love of experimental stays and staying with locals whilst traveling. To be honest, we were little skeptical about opting for Airbnb stay. The thoughts of sharing an apartment with someone else was little daunting but after staying in one and interacting with other fellow travelers, we were assured that its one of the wisest way of traveling the world without breaking a bank. So if you are still confused what Airbnb is all about. Let me give you a quick recap.It’s a website that lets travelers stay at apartments or unique experimental stays they rent from hosts or locals.

Here’s our top 5 reason why you should ditch a hotel and experiment staying with locals at a beautiful Airbnb property of your own choice.

Why Choose AirBnb Over Hotel?

Stay like a Local:

Nothing can be better than staying at downtown or quaint neighborhood with character and explore in your own rhyme. Just imagine having your own apartment or room abroad where you can mingle with locals or fellow travelers, talk to them and get details about quirky and hidden gems of the city.Be it taking a bus or a train like a local to travel to the city center, exploring the downtown at your own pace or buying grocery from the nearby supermarket.

Why Choose AirBnb Over Hotel

Be Kind to your Wallet: 

We won’t say that prices of the hotels are soaring high in every country but there are countries where staying at the hotel for a longer duration can burn a hole in your pocket, on the contrary booking an Airbnb apartment can cost you the fraction of the money spent on accommodation. Even you can cut down the money spent on eating out every single day of your travel or pay extra charges for laundry or ironing by opting to stay in an apartment at Airbnb where all this are free of cost.

Why Choose AirBnb Over Hotel

Stay Healthy:

When you are traveling for longer duration it is very important to take care of health on the go, you need to choose the wise option and avoid eating outside daily. Now, who wants to have a stomach upset just before a day-long trip or falling sick on travel. At an Airbnb, you get access to the kitchen, so you if are craving for some home-cooked food than you can take the advantage of the fully equipped kitchen.Grab all the ingredients from the nearby supermarket and cook for yourself and enjoy your meal miles away from home. Unfortunately, our trip was a hectic one with lots of road trips we hardly had time to cook but yes we always used to satiate our hunger pangs before leaving for the day. The kitchen was stock with juices, fruits, egg, and cereals.

Independence :

It is just like a home away from home, free wifi to get connected, cook your own supper, satiate your midnight cravings be it a cup of Maggi at 3:00 am or do your laundry without spending a penny or prepare your own takeaway for day trips or a picnic basket for road trips. The apartments give you lots of flexibility in terms of the way you want to spend your time even you can catch up with the host to know more about the culture and history of the city or make friends with other fellow travelers.

Unique Sleepovers:

Apart from apartments or shared rooms, there are some interesting stay listed at Airbnb so if you fancy about staying at a castle, windmills, houseboat or tree house than you can turn them into reality for sure. Stunning properties at the stunning location would make your feet itchy to plan your next travel. You can check some of the best properties to stay. ( Read: Airbnb Picks )

Why Choose AirBnb Over Hotel?

Some useful Info:

  • Choose the right category of the listings before you start the search for an Entire apartment, shared a room or private room for your stay.
  • Read the reviews, write up, check the locations and pictures before you decide.
  • Shoot in a message to the host with your specific requirements or queries before going ahead with the booking.
  • Check out early check-in/check-out charges, extra person charges, and cleaning charges if any mentioned by the host.
  • Read the cancellation policies well before you book.


And a little surprise for our lovely readers – we are giving a discount on your first booking. Just log into the Airbnb website to receive a nice discount on your first booking with Airbnb (the discount will be applied automatically once you log in through this link or click the below image).



Happy Traveling !!!!


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