Ikea Must Haves Furniture 2021 for Budget/ Rental Friendly Apartment

Ikea Must Have Furniture Budget

As most of you already know that we have recently moved to a new apartment. Prior to this, we have always lived in a fully furnished house. This time though we moved into an unfurnished house (it does not even have wardrobes). So now we have an opportunity to set up our apartment to our heart’s content. So naturally, the first thing we did was to browse Ikea both virtually and physically. Ikea has some amazing stuff that you get for such an affordable price. If you are also planning to move or have recently moved to a new apartment or are looking for home decor ideas then this post lists all the Ikea Must-Haves that you might find interesting. We have listed out the items which are beautiful yet affordable, items that can be used in different ways. Hope you like this post on Ikea Must-haves and our home-related content on Youtube. We have many more posts and videos in the pipeline. 


PAX Wardrobe System

The Pax wardrobe system is probably one of the most raved products from Ikea. If you are looking for a custom build wardrobe then the PAX system is one of the most sought-after and budget-friendly choices. The best part about the PAX system is you can design your own wardrobe either online or in the shop.

 We had a great time assembling our PAX system. Check out this link to build your own PAX system.

Ikea Must Haves - PAX
Ikea Must Haves - Dresser


Malm dresser is one of the favorite dressers for many. You can team it up with a NISSEDAL ( 65*65) mirror and LEDSJO lights.

Alternatively, you can also opt for two Alex 5-unit drawers and a 120/1250 cm LINNMON Tabletop.

Chest of Drawers – Kullen / Malm / Hemnes/ Alex Drawers

If you are looking for storage units. Ikea has some amazing options to choose from.  You can use it in your bedroom, entryway, or dining room. These chests of drawers enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space.  

Ikea Must Haves - Chest of Drawers
Ikea Must Have - Mirrors

Full-Size Mirror – Hovet & Hemnes 

If you are looking full-size mirror then Ikea is the best place to get one for an affordable price. We love our Hovet mirror.

There is a range of options in Ikea for mirrors in different shapes and sizes. One of the best places if you’re looking for mirrors at an affordable price to spruce up your space.

Shelving Unit – Kallax

Kallax can be used in multiple ways as a bedside table, to display books and toys, store things, as a display unit in any of your rooms. Kallax can also be used as a room divider. It is a versatile piece of furniture that you can use in different ways.


Billy Book Case

This is one of the most versatile products. We have used this as our Shoe closet but there are so many ways to make the best of a Billy Bookcase.

You can use it in multiple ways — a bookcase, storage unit, a display unit for your bags and shoes,  home decor items, or as a crockery unit.

Balcony/ Outdoor Furniture

Ikea will never fail to impress you with the selection of affordable outdoor furniture and accessories.  The ÄPPLARÖ, SOLLERÖN, and TÄRNÖ range have so many different outdoor furniture to choose from. 


Hope you like the post about Ikea Must Haves 2021 and our home-related content so far. We have many more in the pipeline. 


Ikea Must Have Furniture
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