Scams To Be Aware Of Before Visiting Paris

picture of eiffel tower

Paris is a lovely city but also home to a lot of scammers. Most scam artists operate in the more touristy areas of Paris. Here are some scams you should be aware of before visiting Paris so that you don’t return home with an unpleasant experience.

📍Pickpocketing is very common in Paris. Be very careful, especially with your wallet and cellphones. Don’t lay your cell phone or other valuables on the table at a sidewalk cafe!

📍Friendship bracelets – They’ll quickly braid a “friendship bracelet” onto your wrist and then demand money from you.
Note: Most common at Sacré-Cœur

📍Gold Ring Scam – They will approach you with a gold ring and attempt to sell it.

📍Signing a petition scam – They’ll ask for your signature and then aggressively demand a “donation” for their cause after you sign.

 Most common around Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre.

📍Cup & Ball game – They will have three cups with a ball hidden under one of them. The scammer will ask you to guess where the ball is hidden. You make a bet, and if you guess it right, you’ll get double your money back. There will be few members in the crowd to make it look more genuine.
Close to the Eiffel Tower and the Trocadero.

📍Menu Without Pricing Scam – Charging extra once you have ordered. Prefer to visit good restaurants and ask for a menu with prices mentioned before ordering.

⬇️ How to deal: 

📍Ignore them and keep walking. Or firmly say “No”.
📍Be aware of your surroundings. 
📍Ignore everyone that approaches you randomly. 
📍Don’t accept anything from strangers.
📍Don’t get distracted in crowded places.
📍Be careful at Metro stations.

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I hope this post helps you with a pleasant travel experience in Paris. Stay vigilant and stay safe. Happy travels. 


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