Top Things to do in Mahé Island Seychelles

Top things to do in Mahe island seychelles

Mahé the biggest island of the 115-strong archipelago and Victoria (the smallest capital in the world) is your first stop when you land in Seychelles. Whether you are looking to spend your days basking on a beach, hiking through the mountains, immersing yourself in the local culture, or indulging in scrumptious Creole cuisine, it is all possible here in Mahé. The beaches of Mahé are lined with luxury resorts and BNBs. It is very easy to drive straight to your hotel and spend an entire week on the island without even venturing out. But by doing so you would miss out on the experience of the charms of the island life. We’re sharing our 2 cents on the must-see places and top things to do in Mahé Island, Seychelles.

Top Things to do in Mahé Island Seychelles

Hit the Beaches: 

Believe us, there are just too many beaches on the island. From the happening Beau Vallon to the secluded Anse Major, chances are high that you will stumble upon the prettiest of the beaches dotted all along the coastline every now and then. The striking feature of all the beaches is that they are pristine and mostly deserted.

Our suggestion would be to rent a car and go beach hopping. Don’t forget to pack your snacks or lunch along with your snorkeling gear.



At Four Season Resort, Mahe


Waking up to view like this <3

Beaches worth visiting: Anse Intendance, Petite Anse (Baie Lazare), Anse Takamaka Beach, Anse Forbans, Beau Vallon and Anse Major

WaterSports & Adventure Activities at Beau Vallon Beach

Diving, snorkeling, paragliding are common water sports activities. Tours are organized on a daily basis and can be booked from the numerous kiosks at the beaches or also can be arranged by the resort.

Zip lining and mountain trail hiking are also quite popular. The most popular hiking trails are Copolia Trail and Anse Major Trail. 

Overlooking the entire town of Victoria at a height of 905 m, Morne Blanc offers sweeping views of the southwest coast of Mahé. The hiking trail starts from the village of Danzil and leads you to Baie TernayPort Launay Marine ParksBel Ombre and the isolated beach at Anse Major.

Snorkeling in Seychelles

Botanical Gardens

The island is full of unique flora and fauna, so take some time and wander through the 15 acres botanical garden in Victoria which is home to some exotic plants, giant tortoises, and unique flowers.

Stroll around Victoria 

Victoria Market - Things To do in Mahe Island seychelles

Victoria Market

Victoria Market – Head to the local market where everyday life unfolds with bewildering variety, locals sell fish, vegetables, and the many craft shops offer souvenirs, hats, soaps, jewelry, and clothes.

Art Studio & Museums – Explore the art studios and learn about the history and culture of the island. Don’t miss visiting The Kenwyn House which is famous for French architecture.

Hindu Temple – Visit the only Hindu temple in the entire island which was set up in 1992  and is dedicated to the Lord Vinayagar.

seychelles-hindu-temple - Things To do in Mahe Island seychelles

Only Hindu temple in the island

Clock Tower – Take a snap of the mini version of Big Ben of London which is situated in the busy streets of Victoria.

  Visit Port Glaud Waterfall 

Tucked in a sleepy village of Port Glaud, the waterfall is just 10 minutes walk from the road.

Visit Takamaka Distillery 

Takamaka Distillery - Things To do in Mahe Island seychelles

Take your time, sip, and savor the experience of different types of rums produced at the distillery. The locally produced Takamaka is the most famous rum sold in Seychelles

Island Hopping  

There are many kiosks that offer island hopping trips from Mahe.

Day Trips from Mahé:

Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette Island, Bird Island, Moyenne Island, Cerf Island, St Anne National Marine Park. However we highly recommend you to stay in La Digue and Praslin islands as they have so much more to offer and it cannot be enjoyed in a day’s time. 

Island hopping in seychelles - mahe island

Visit Beau Vallon Market 

Beau Vallon is a popular beach in Mahe that hosts a lively Wednesday evening market. Stalls are lined up near the beach selling a wide array of stuff like sarongs, kaftan, fridge magnets, perfumes, soaps, and oil.

Eateries are also lined selling seafood, chips, fresh juice, quail eggs, and a lot more.

Beau Vallon Wednesday Market 

Getting Around In Mahe Island, Seychelles

 The island is very well connected with bus service which is extremely affordable but the only problem is that you need to keep a track of bus timings and plan things accordingly.

 Taxis can be fairly expensive when compared with the price of a rented car. Hiring your own car is one of the best ways to enjoy Mahe. Nothing can beat the mood to discover it at your own pace.

Where To Stay 

 Luxury :

 Based on our experience below are the three resorts that get our vote.

For all-inclusive resort: Kempinski Seychelles & Resort


( Read: Luxury in Paradise: Kempinski Resort & Spa )

For ultimate luxury: Four Seasons Resort & Spa


( Read our Review : Four Season Resort & Spa )

Accessible to Markets/ Attractions: Savoy Resort & Spa

Savoy Resort & Spa Seychelles

Budget –

You can stay at Airbnb ( Get 30$ off on your first booking ) or check out more resorts at Mahe island HERE


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