Top Things to do in Praslin island Seychelles

Top Things to do in Praslin Island seychelles

Praslin is the second-largest island of the archipelago of Seychelles and is well connected with Mahe and La Digue by ferry service and flights. The island boasts of jaw-dropping beaches, hilly terrains where life is slower and a little more laid back. A short plane ride from the capital city of Mahe or a ferry ride will get you to this incredible island in no time.



Explore Vallee de Mai 

A UNESCO world heritage site spanning across 19.5 hectares and is home to diverse flora and fauna as well as the world’s largest seed – the Coco de Mer. You can also find rare species of birds, trees, and lizards in the national park strewn with boulders. Even the national bird of Seychelles, the black parrot can be seen here. Make sure you don your trekking shoes while visiting the park as it involves a lot of walking and hiking the nature trail.

The entry fee for an adult is 300/- SCR.

Explore beautiful beaches

Top Things to do in Praslin island Seychelles

Anse Georgette

Top Things to do in Praslin island Seychelles

Anse Lazio

On the north side of Praslin Island, Anse Lazio (Chevalier Bay) is one of the island’s most stunning beaches and has been listed among the top 10 picturesque beaches in the world many times. Anse Volbert is one of the island’s famous beaches where many resorts are lined up.

Anse Georgette is another stunning beach which is hidden behind mountain trails. You could either hike down to the beach through the trails of Mount Plaisir or take the easier route through Constance Lemuria resort as the beach is on this beautiful property.

Other Beaches worth visiting:

  • Grand Anse
  • Anse a la Mouche
  • Anse Forbans
  • Anse Citron
  • Anse Kerlan
  • Cote d’Or

Anse Georgette


Top Things to do in Praslin island Seychelles

Anse Forbans

Praslin Museum:

The museum is a great place to experience the culture and know more about these beautiful islands.

Island Hopping Trips :

Take the whole day to get a bit of adventure with an island hopping tour from Praslin. You can book packages online or buy them directly from the jetty.


  • Sister Island
  • Felicite Island
  • Cousin Island
  • Aride Island
  • Curieuse Island
  • La Digue
  • Coco Island


 Budget – Check Airbnb for options( Get 30$ off on your first booking ).

Luxury :

raffles Parslin - Where to stay in Praslin

Raffles Praslin

where to stay in Praslin - constance

Constance Lemuria

Check for deals and Airbnb for budget options. ( Use our link to sign up and get amazing discounts on your first booking


By Bus: If you need local transportation, the bus system is really cheap and easy to use.

By Car: If you need to do a lot of driving, rent a car—the best option.

By Taxi: If not by bus or car, you can hail a cab.

 Driving around the island is a breeze as there is a long U- shaped road that runs from Constance Lemuria to Anse Lazio in the northwest. And there is one road that intersects via Vallee de Mai, joining Grande Anse and Baie St Anne. This route via Valle de Mai is a bit easy while the other one is steep, winding, and narrow.


It is well connected by ferry from Mahe. Fast Ferry operates every day and you can easily book your tickets at the jetty or online. You can check the ferry timings here.

Price: 50 Euros one way.

There are daily flights from Mahe to Praslin.

Air Zil chopper is another option to reach Praslin in style.

Zil Air Praslin

Helicopter Services – Zil Air, Praslin



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