Tourist Travel Requirements Turkey Covid19 – 2021


With this ongoing pandemic, there are hardly a few countries around the world that are accepting tourists into their country. Many of these countries have a different set of rules and regulations around what you can do as a tourist. When we were scouting for places to visit during the pandemic, we stumbled upon Turkey. We were glad to learn that Turkey is open for tourists. To know more about tourist travel requirements for Turkey during Covid19 then keep on reading this post.

Is Turkey Open?

Yes, Turkey is open for tourists. Even though there are curfews for the residents of Turkey, the same does not apply to the tourists. If you follow some of the simple steps you can enjoy your time in Turkey to the fullest.

What are the tourist travel requirements for Turkey during Covid19?

You will need the following for your travel to Turkey.

  • e-Visa / Visa whichever is applicable for your situation.
  • Health Declaration Form
  • A negative RT-PCR test which has been conducted within 72 hours of the flight departure.
  • Hotel Bookings

Now let us look into the details of each of these above listed.

Visa / e-Visa

If you hold an Indian passport and any one of the below applies to you, then you can apply for an eVisa for Turkey which takes less than 10 minutes to come through. You can also apply for the visa for your travel partner in the same application as well.

  • Residence permit/visa of any Schengen countries
  • Residence permit/visa from USA, UK and Ireland.

To apply for eVisa for Turkey click here. If you do not meet the above criteria then you will need to apply for a physical visa. Though the immigration officers in Turkey do not require a hard copy of your eVisa, some of the airlines ask for a hard copy. To be on the safe side, do carry a hard copy of your eVisa.

Health Declaration Form

It is one of the mandatory tourist travel requirements for travel to Turkey during Covid19 to submit a health declaration form before their travel to Turkey. Once, the application is submitted, it will generate a HES code which will be emailed to you. Keep this HES code and the QR Code handy with you as this will be required in all the hotels, restaurants and public transportations. To fill the health declaration form click here. To know more about the HES code click here.

Negative RT-PCR test

This is a no-brainer. During Covid19, all of the countries require the traveller to submit a negative RT-PCR test or fully vaccination proof. The test can be done upto 72 hours before the departure. Do not forget to carry a hard copy of the test reports.

Hotel Reservation

You would need hotel reservation to submit the Health Declaration form. Do ensure that you have hotel reservation for the entire duration of your stay in Turkey. Click here to check out some of the properties in Turkey.

So these are all the tourist travel requirements for Turkey during Covid19 in 2021. Do make sure that you have all these completed before you fly out to Turkey.

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