How To Grow On Pinterest the Right Way – Tips & Hacks

How to grow on Pinterest 2021

I always wonder why did I overlook the power of Pinterest. If your website/blog page is struggling with low traffic and reach then Pinterest is going to be your savior, not only to divert traffic but also in helping your content reach a wider audience base. Here are some tips and hacks on how to grow on Pinterest the right way and divert the traffic and increase your views and impression. Keeping this article short and crisp and to the point.

Tips & Hacks – The Right Way to Grow on Pinterest

  1. Diversify, don’t stick to one niche.
  2. Creating the RIGHT boards. Make sure it’s specific to the content you want to share, mostly, what the target audience is looking for. For example, “Healthy Drinks for Glowing Skin” instead of “Drinks”; or “Switzerland Travel” instead of “Travel”.
  3. Make use of the new feature – SECTION to appeal to a targeted audience. 
  4. Pin Title is like the headline of the PIN. Make sure it’s to the point and never in all Caps. Mostly the first 30 characters are visible when someone clicks on a PIN so make sure to include the relevant keywords to describe your PIN.  Make sure it’s engaging enough for someone to click on the PIN or link to read more.
  5. When creating multiple images for one URL, try to incorporate important keywords in each title.
  6. Use the search bar to find the relevant hashtags, keywords, and Pin titles. You can also use the feature to choose better topics to write about. You will get an idea of what kind of content the audience is looking for and create content around that bar -pinterest
  7. Do not repeat your title in the Pin description. Take a moment to write relevant and captivating descriptions and use relevant keywords and at least 3-5 hashtags. By describing your PINS, you can actually attract more eyeballs and the pin will surface in more search results. More details, better for the search engine. Try to use up to 500 characters and put the most important part first.
  8. Portrait style Images and Videos perform better on Pinterest. A good ratio to aim for is 3:2 height-to-width. Create portrait images and pin them to the right boards.
  9. Use the carousel feature on Pinterest for multiple pics. 
  10. Add relevant links to your PINS to drive traffic to your website.
  11. Don’t ignore the cover photos. Choose the best one from your board to grab the attention of someone who lands on your profile. Arrange the boards with eye-catching cover pics so that your best boards are visible when someone lands on your profile. 
  12. Be part of Group boards as well and contribute to group boards. Apply for group boards that are viral and with great traffic. Leave non-performing boards. 
  13. Manually Pin, Engage with others & Schedule PINs to be posted to different boards on a daily basis.
  14. Idea Pins is the latest feature on Pinterest that you can also opt for posting high-quality content. Pinterest is also pushing them to reach a wider audience, so right time to create more Idea pins for various boards. You can add music, text, voice-over just like Instagram Reels & Tiktok.
  15. Start creating and posting original content. Create new PINS for old posts every week. Image, Title, and descriptions should be different and they should be scheduled on different weeks and months. Create multiple PINS ( Photos/ Videos) for the same URL and different titles. 
  16. Don’t spam, pinning way too much. Delete old non-performing PINS and boards. Tailwind helps in identifying non-performing pins.
  17. Make the best use of Canva ( To create engaging Pins  & Animate the pins to convert images to video pins ) & Tailwind ( To create, schedule the pins to be posted at an optimized time and much more )
  18. Infographics are the new craze. Try to create compelling ones to attract more audiences.
  19. Switch to Business Account to understand your account analytics and plan your content based on your Pin performance.
  20. Last but not the least, don’t be obsessed with the follower count. Pinterest is the only Social Media platform where your account reach is not dependent on the number of people following you but depends on the quality of the content that you share. 


How to grow on Pinterest 2021

Do let us know if these tips and hacks helped you to grow on Pinterest the right way. 


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    April 29, 2021 at 10:45 am

    Great Tips! I think these are gonna help me save my Pinterest account! Thanks for sharing I am gonna start using these tactics to see, How they work for my account!

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