Places to Visit in Leukerbad, Switzerland

Nestled in the deep-cloven valley surrounded by the majestic Swiss Alps; Leukerbad is a Swiss village that looks straight out of a storybook. It is the largest thermal and wellness resort town in the Alpine region and is situated in the canton of Valais in the south of Switzerland at 1411 meters above sea level. The spa village is known to have the maximum number of thermal pools and is a perfect place if you are looking for a relaxing spa weekend. In this post we give you the details of how to visit, what to do and where to stay in Leukerbad Therme Switzerland.

To the east, the Daubenhorn at 2942 m. above sea level; to the north the Gemmi Pass (2322 m.) and the Balmhorn (3698 m.); to the west the Torrenthorn (2998). 

The springs here contains a wide variety of essential minerals and produces water that is said to have therapeutic abilities. Thermal spring water contains different minerals, so they are suitable for treating various ailments. Spurting out at 51°C, the water here is very warm, which permits bathing during colder months amidst breathtaking location.

Though it is not just limited to thermal pools, Leukerbad is also famous for hiking trails and the most famous one is the Gemmi Pass that connects the Valais and the Berner Oberland.

On the way to Leukerbad Therme Switzerland


The town is located in the canton of Valais in the southwestern part of Switzerland. To get there, you can drive or take the train to Leuk and bus 471 from there. The bus station is right outside the railway station.

Note: The spa town is quite close to Brig, Visp & Leuk. You can also combine the trip with Zermatt or any other above mentioned cities/ towns.

Ready to fall in love with this beautiful Spa village? Here are our top things to do in Leukerbad.


Village Tour Leukerbad Therme Switzerland

Old Town in Leukerbad Therme Switzerland

Take a walk around the village and you will find it has beautifully preserved its old town feel. There are hardly 1500 inhabitants and the town gives you all the laid-back vibes that you expect from a spa town.

Places to Visit in Leukerbad, Switzerland - village tour

There are cute cafes and shops dotted all around. You can happily browse the souvenir shops, boutiques or satiate your taste buds at cute or fancy restaurants. The local wine here is also said to be very good. Most of the shops in Leukerbad family-run run businesses.

Souvenir Shops Leukerbad Therme Switzerland

Places to Visit in Leukerbad, Switzerland- Thermal Pool Spa town

Relax in Thermal Pools of Leukerbad Therme Switzerland

Nothing better to soothe your body after an arduous day skiing or hiking in one of the many thermal pools at Leukerbad.


The most popular one is Leukerbad Therme Switzerland. It is Europe’s largest alpine thermal spa. It has an elaborate leisure complex with 10 thermal pools (28 ° C to 43 ° C), spa, restaurant on site, a swimming pool, a dedicated area for the kids with two thermal pools and waterslides. There is also man-made river and massage jets for relaxation.

They have different water temperatures, pools are spread over indoor and outdoor areas, allowing guests to relax and recharge against a backdrop of incredible panoramic views.

The best part is that you can experience the thermal baths for 365 days a year. There are also special treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Locker facilities, shower area, and dresser area are on site. You can also pick some beauty essentials from the store at Leukerbad Therme.

Price: 3 hrs – 25 CHF / 1 Day – 30 CHF

Note: Towels and robes can be rented at the reception desk.

Timings: 8 am to 8 pm

Price: Children under 8 years can use the facilities free of charge when accompanied by an adult.

Another large spa facility which is also accessible to the public is Walliser Alpentherme & Spa.

Drink Wine & Eat

Valais region is famous for wine and it would be a shame to come back without a wine tasting session. You can head to Varen which has numerous vineyards.

Make sure apart from fondue, you also try the special bread (Walliserbrot).

 Enjoy the panoramic views from Gemmi Pass ( 2322 m )

If you don’t fancy a hike, hop on to cable car that whisks you straight up to the top, and ogle at the incredible vistas from the top.


Gemmi Pass near Leukerbad Therme Switzerland
Gemmi Pass ( Source: Leukerbad Tourism )

Hiking Trails

There are many hiking trails which are quite popular especially to Kandersteg, Adelboden or the Wildstrubel. If you do not suffer from vertigo you can also opt for a two-hour hike to Albine as it is quite a challenging and adventurous trek or an easy two-hour hiking trail from Gemmi Pass that leads to one of the stunning lakes – Daubensee.

Gemmi Pass near Leukerbad Therme Switzerland
Source: Wiki Commons

Hike to Dala Gorge & Thermal Spring Footbridge

Surrounded by rocky cliffs and gushing water underneath, the 600 meters long footbridge and 35-meter high waterfall are must visit places. The pool which is said to be thermal water’s source in the Dala Gorge is a mini oasis of tranquility.

Dala Gorge - Leukerbad Therme Switzerland
Source – Leukerbad Tourism

Visit Lake Majingsee

Another beautiful lake which is quite popular among locals and tourists alike and can be easily combined with a hike to Dala Gorge.  The hike to the lake is serene and picturesque.

Hike to Wysse Lake

This lake plays a significant part in the history of the long journey of thermal springs. The rainwater infiltrates the mountains. As it heats up, it spurts up and flows into one of the many springs. The easy hike begins at the Rinderhütte summit station.

Hiking time – 3-4 hours

Winter Activities

Winter Activities that are quite popular – Skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing and tobogganing.


Where To Stay in Leukerbad :


The spa town is riddled with pretty spa resorts and homestays. There are also accommodations with their own unique settings of thermal provisions that include indoor and outdoor thermal pools exclusively for their in-house guests.  In-house doctors and professionally trained staff that oversee the treatments.

Le Bristol is a beautiful property to stay and is quite close to the Leukerbad Therme Switzerland. The hotel boasts of both indoor and outdoor thermal spas that are accessible to its in-house guests only. The hotel has 67 rooms with modern amenities, a sauna, a bar and an onsite restaurant. The outdoor thermal pool of the hotel offers some great views of the snow capped mountains.

 Le Bristol - Leukerbad Therme Switzerland

Le Bristol - Leukerbad Therme Switzerland

Other places to consider

You can also check and compare prices.



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